Experience the most popular palletising solution with end-of-line palletising. Each production / packaging line has its own palletiser. If one machine is out of action, only one line is affected and the highest degree of production availability is guaranteed. In addition, end-of-line machines have a simple design and construction and therefore offer a reliable and often inexpensive solution. With CERTA, a low in-feed standard machine, CSi continues to lead the way with this top quality, low-priced palletiser.    www.CSiSmartSolutions.com

Based on years of experience, CSi has redesigned and standardised the low in-feed palletiser to achieve maximum functionality with the minimum number of components.  Production, assembly and machine testing can now take place at CSi’s Romanian plant where high quality standards are maintained at significantly reduced production costs.

The CERTA palletiser is a match for the cheapest robot palletising solution.  It can stack 50 cases a minute and is available from €50.000. Due to a robust construction and the use of high quality components, maintenance- and down-time can be kept to a minimum and a long lifecycle is guaranteed. The low in-feed palletiser works especially well following in direct sequence after a production / packaging line. A wide range of products, packages and pallets can be easily handled. And thanks to the high degree of standardisation, this machine is now available on operational lease.

CSi (www.CSiPortal.com) is a worldwide supplier of systems for product handling and palletising. From its number one position in the field of palletising, CSi is capable of designing, realising and maintaining a wide range of solutions. The high reliability of the systems delivered via a turnkey approach and backed up by extensive life cycle services offers the customer total support. Many large, international companies are already taking advantage of this opportunity.


Phil Griffiths, UK General Manager

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