As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment, Kärcher has the products and knowledge to provide the best cleaning solutions for facilities managers.

Versatile sweepers for indoor and outdoor areas

As well as Kärcher’s highly innovative and versatile MC 50 all-season sweeper/snow mover/gritter/mower, Kärcher’s sweeper range features walk-behind and ride-on machines with LPG, petrol or battery power and the versatility to be used in a variety of areas. All are designed to give superb results, long running times, easy operation and hygienic emptying, and offer superb value for money. From narrow aisles to large car parks, Kärcher has a sweeper to meet the specific requirements of your premises.

Innovative machine cleaning reduces costs and downtimes

Kärcher’s ice blasting machines use genuine innovation to provide safe, fast industrial cleaning. Ice blasters clean and restore surfaces, parts, tooling and machines by firing pressurised dry ice pellets at the object to be cleaned. When the ice pellets make contact with the surface, the rapid change of temperature causes a thermal shock and develops fine cracks in the top surface, which are then penetrated. As the ice pellets turn into a gas without becoming a liquid, the contaminant is lifted from the surface.
Because the ice pellets evaporate, only the contaminant is left behind (unlike wet blasting or sand blasting). The process leaves no wastewater, and does not use chemicals. It is therefore very safe, cost-effective, and significantly reduces downtime, and can be run from in-house compressed air systems.

Stationary high pressure cleaning – cost effective and convenient

Kärcher is renowned for its mobile high pressure cleaners, but its range of stationary high-pressure cleaning systems are the perfect solution if high cleaning performance is required on a regular basis, and in different areas of a premises. The cleaning and maintenance of indoor and outdoor areas, tools and equipment and even fleet are accomplished with ease. High-pressure water is fed from a central supply unit via a pipe-work system to permanently installed take off points. This means the power and versatility of high-pressure cleaning can be employed whenever it’s required, with investment in only one machine. These units can be configured specifically to meet individual requirements due to the diversity of the machine range and the variety of accessories available.

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