Permaban-BetaEdge-ARA new concrete floor repair system is offering a once-and-for-all solution to damaged construction joints in industrial and warehouse floors. BetaEdge AR, from leading armoured joint manufacturer Permaban, is designed to replace damaged concrete joint arrises. Once installed, the product protects the construction joint from future damage – saving building owners the worry, cost and disruption of further repairs.

Construction joints are gaps in the concrete floor, created when the slab is poured. They allow the concrete to move freely as it shrinks, which prevents random cracks appearing in the surface.  However, these joints are vulnerable to impact damage when materials handling vehicles pass over.  If a joint does not have any protection built in during the floor’s construction (for example, an armoured joint), then it will very rapidly break down once the building is in use. Once damaged, a repair is essential to prevent the area worsening. Vehicles can also suffer damage from travelling repeatedly over the uneven surface.

Installing BetaEdge AR is straightforward and cost-effective. The damaged portion of concrete around the joint is simply cut out. BetaEdge AR is held in place with brackets (supplied with the fixing kit), while the area is filled with repair mortar. Once the mortar has cured, the brackets are removed and the area ground for a smooth, durable finish.

Using a steel repair system offers the assurance of both a neat finish and durability, as the steel gives firm support to the joint arrises.

BetaEdge AR also has several features designed to help contractors install the product. Continuous ‘grid-cut’ concrete ties along the entire length mean that BetaEdge AR can be cut at any point, and still remain securely anchored into the concrete. A sharp edge on the inside top face of the ‘grid-cut’ concrete ties helps ensure a neat finish when trowelling-in.

The product is made from tough galvanised steel, making it a versatile choice for both internal and external concrete repairs.

Permaban Ltd

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