To be effective, an industrial door must move quickly and withstand impacts. In cold-storage applications, the door must also insulate. Quality doors from Caljan Rite-Hite are designed to do precisely that.

FasTrax® high-performance doors open at speeds of up to 2.5 m/sec. reducing heat loss and enabling your employees to move around the facility without unnecessary delays. The unique traction drive system, with integral wind-retention, makes FasTrax® doors ideal for applications where high wind or negative pressure are issues. The versatile design means we can supply doors for interior, exterior, cooler and freezer applications without the need for expensive modifications to your building.

Unique Soft-Edge™ technology protects products and personnel from damage whilst providing a tight bottom seal. Photo-eyes constantly monitor the door opening and prevent the door from closing if a person or object is detected.

After an accidental impact, the FasTrax® door re-feeds itself automatically without human intervention, keeping your door closed and downtime to a minimum.

Caljan Rite-Hite’s unique ISO-TEK cold-storage door system combines temperature isolation technology with superior sealing, giving high-speed access and effective insulation for cold-storage areas.

The ISO-TEK door system is a high-speed, bi-parting door with flexible foam-core panels, and a tight seal around the opening. The 76 mm thick flexible panels provide effective insulation without the need for expensive panel defrost systems. A hinged, hanging-panel design enhances impactability with no panel deformation or loss of sealing efficiency following an impact – and no expensive downtime and maintenance.

A unique Thermal Air Sealing System circulates warm air around the opening perimeter, minimizing frost and ice build-up. This superior seal is combined with a thick, insulated nose seal and a compression bottom seal. A canted, V-shaped header ensures a tight seal against the floor. With effective sealing and insulation, the door system limits heat gain from both conduction and convection, and helps prevent potentially hazardous frost buildup.

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