A more efficient storage layout has been created at Bonded Services’ London facilities with the installation of Constructor Group’s Premierack storage system. Dexion has supported the main contractor, Cheshire Storage & Interior (CSI) Solutions, throughout the project, which has resulted in the design and installation of a state-of-the-art storage system enabling Bonded Services to cater for its expanding business.

Established in the 1930’s, Bonded Services is recognised as the leader in Film Storage and Video Archive Services with over eight million reels of film, video and audio-related material stored worldwide in its climate-controlled vaults. Prior to the establishment of its new, 2,875 square-metre storage facility, Bonded Services used a number of small units on the same industrial estate in North Feltham, West London.

Undertaken by CSI Solutions in partnership with Dexion, with whom it has a long-standing and close business relationship, Premierack narrow aisle racking was chosen to maximise storage density and efficiency whilst providing 100% accessibility to the stored materials. The choice and strength of this system allowed a three-tier storage space to be installed by placing floors within the pallet racking structure and fully utilising  the 8.5 metre high space, while 8.0 metre adjustable pallet-racking frames were used alongside for storing scenery, props and larger items. As such the shelving within these new premises has far fewer aisles and a much denser storage capacity than in their previous accommodation, enabling Bonded Services to operate a more efficient business.

“Half-way through the installation, phases three and four were swapped over”, said Martin Gill, Project Manager at CSI Solutions. “Originally phase four would not have begun until December, but thanks to Dexion’s fast response and prompt provision of products, we were still able to complete the project without any delay back in August”.

Once the final phase is completed, the project will have created a storage system that is able to accommodate pallets, reels and boxes, with storage at both ambient and climate-controlled temperatures. The ability to store media in a constant and proper environment ensures the longevity of the stored acetate and polyester based materials.

Commenting on the project, Stephen Homes, Managing Director of Bonded Services said: “We were very impressed with Dexion’s speedy response times and CSI Solution’s fast installation. We even started to move product in before the job was completed and CSI worked with us so that this could be done smoothly and without hindrance. Altogether we are delighted with the project and can honestly say it was a job well done”.

The project was started in April 2011, with three of the four-phases completed by the beginning of August. The final phase, the fitting out of the climate controlled storage space, began in December 2011 and was completed early 2012.


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