Crown’s new SC 5300 3-wheel electric counterbalanced forklift truck series boosts handling performance across all industry sectors through its combination of innovative design, robust construction, operator comfort, safety, versatility and exceptional manoeuvrability.

Featuring compact dimensions for the tightest applications, the SC 5300 is endowed with the handling power and stability of larger machines and will be appreciated by warehouse managers for its ability to perform a multiplicity of indoor/outdoor applications – including dock work, container stuffing, loading/unloading, storage/retrieval, stacking and line feeding – across the entire industry spectrum.

Whether in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, transportation or other sectors, the adaptability of these multipurpose workhorses enables users to enjoy exceptional performance with the assurance of Crown’s legendary dependability and low operating costs.

Power & reliability

The SC 5300 features tough drive units and powerful motors designed and manufactured by Crown specifically for the needs of counterbalance trucks. The power and torque of Crown’s latest generation 48v AC motors ensure fast, energy efficient throughput with maximum reliability over the whole life of the truck.

Integrated Intelligence – the thinking truck

The Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive System Control provides users with key operating and diagnostic data, all in real time, while the Intrinsic Stability System™ ensures peak performance and safety across multiple applications.

This on-board “integrated intelligence” gives users exceptional confidence through real-time monitoring and management of traction, braking, steering, hydraulics and other key systems. Because the truck is proactively “thinking” about all these factors, operators can concentrate on the task at hand. The system also provides easy-to-use on-board diagnostics, to quickly pinpoint issues and help keep downtime to a minimum or, in many cases, avoid it altogether.

Intrinsic Stability System™

The Intrinsic Stability System™ takes intelligent control to a new level of safety and sophistication – adding up to performance that can be used  with confidence:

• Travel speed – both straight ahead and when negotiating bends, is automatically governed according to load weight, lift height and steer angle to provide the optimum safe travel speed as conditions warrant.

• Tilt Interlock – optimises safety and productivity by limiting the mast tilt angle based on fork height and load.

• Intelligent ramp speed control – keeps a constant speed and automatically maintains hold on inclines.

• Hydraulic speeds – tilt and accessory actuation are controlled according to load weight and fork height.

Electric braking via the traction motor

By eliminating the traditional friction brake, the e-GEN® braking featured on all SC 5300 Series trucks gives users both cost and performance advantages. Reduced pedal effort, faster braking response and an automatic parking brake reduce stress-induced fatigue – and give greater job satisfaction – for the driver, leading to ever greater productivity.

The driver factor

An elegant marriage of form and function is the hallmark of successful design. The SC 5300 Series forklift trucks demonstrate an excellent example of this basic principle. While designing the truck, the developers prioritised ergonomics and functionality alongside driver comfort and efficiency.

A comfortable, stress-free working environment means happier staff and greater throughput. The SC 5300 Series has been designed to make the driver’s working day as pleasant and hassle-free as possible. Easy entry and exit on both sides, excellent visibility, ergonomically-designed, fully-adjustable seat, adjustable steering column and a choice of three different hydraulic control levers are just some of the features which minimise stress-induced fatigue. And the ramp speed hold and automatic parking brake further enhance the driving experience. Indeed, whatever his or her physique, the Crown SC 3500 Series driver is sure to find the perfect driving position.

Battery options

The Crown SC 5300 Series offers a full range of models with load capacity from 1.3 to 2.0 tonnes and battery capacities from 330 to 750 Ah. The battery roll-out option allows the use of a smaller battery for reduced cost while gaining more operating clearance in tight spaces.

Battery changing – simple, speedy and safe

Crown’s patent-pending battery transfer system is an economical and flexible alternative to stationary systems, combining battery removal, transport and storage and reducing the space, time and cost required for battery changing.

The new battery roll-out chassis allows both lift-out and roll-out battery extraction while maintaining the structural integrity of the frame. The system locks onto the chassis and uses mechanical levers and interlocks to keep the operator away from potential crush points. It can support multiple trucks and offers an easy and secure method to exchange batteries in just a few minutes.

The all-important bottom line

The innovative design and engineering which are the hallmark of Crown materials handling equipment have one simple objective: to provide maximum performance and reliability with the lowest overall cost of ownership. These principles have come together in the forward-thinking design of Crown’s SC 5300 Series to provide a standard-setting range of compact and powerful forklift trucks.


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