West Midlands based firm Chase Equipment is a long established manufacturing company with almost 90 years’ experience, who specialises in the design and build of bespoke goods lifts, scissor lifts and more recently disabled access lifts. With an expansive customer base which includes schools, hospitals, banks, supermarkets and libraries Chase has just recently supplied a Mezzanine Floor/Goods lift at a local site to a West Midlands factory.

At Thomas Dudley due to increasing demand for storage, the company needed better use of their mezzanine floor level. This resulted in a requirement to move goods more easily between ground and first floor: Chase Equipment provided a solution by using a mezzanine floor goods lift.

Goods lifts can easily and cost effectively be manufactured to give a bespoke solution to make better use of space in warehouses, stores and shops. It can carry small or large capacity loads of various shapes and sizes between ground and the mezzanine floor levels. The loads can be transferred by a single person, reducing the risk of slips and trips by carrying bulky, large and heavy loads to various levels. The lifts can be designed in a variety of different sizes for both internal and external use with the requirements and capacities to meet that of the client.

Chase Equipment recently worked with Thomas Dudley using 3D CAD to visualise the concept and design of the lift. Once the design was agreed, Chase manufactured the lift with full height enclosure with electro/mechanical interlock doors and fully complaint with the recently revised British standards BS EN 1570-1:2011 PART 1: Lifting tables serving up to two fixed landings. Due to customers load requirements a 2000kg capacity scissor lift with double vertical mechanism was used. The scissor arm mechanism gives a more stable and robust solutions when used for heavier loads and large size platform areas.

Mike Mohr, director at Thomas Dudley, said: “Chase Equipment`s goods lift opens up new possibilities for making better use of space in our building and allows transfer goods between different heights to mezzanine floor storage area.”

Chase under took the project, manufactured and delivered in an agreed time frame against budget using their in-house installation and service team.

Derek Sweeney MD of Chase added, “At Chase we understand how important it is to keep operations running smoothly and continuously, therefore we run national cover 24/7 and service all makes and types of scissor lifts, goods lifts and any loading bay equipment. Our large team of experienced service engineers, we will get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible, reducing costly down time.”

Chase Equipment is proud to be a leading manufacturer of competitively priced scissor/goods lifts with capacity ranging from 500kg upwards. Whatever your lifting challenge is, make your business loads easier with a quality scissor lift from Chase Equipment.

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