The Road Haulage Association was established over sixty years ago. The RHA has experience in providing benefits and specialist services to haulage operators in membership, who together operate tens of thousands of commercial vehicles. The RHA provides dedicated campaigning on behalf of the haulage industry, representing its members and gives expert advice and information, coupled with developing business services tailored to the haulage industry. Under the banner Deliver UK we aim to take our campaigning one step further. We want to ensure that policy makers understand the vital role of the road haulage industry within our economy.

RHA membership is open to van-operators as well as the operators of commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, clearing houses and trailer operators. RHA Associate membership is tailored to companies who supply products or services to the road transport industry.

There is no doubt that the road freight industry plays an essential part in virtually all UK supply chains and the RHA plays an essential part in ensuring that the industry operates efficiently, safely and sustainably. Through the three main arms of our business – a powerful voice for third party logistics companies at every level from local Government to the European institutions, a trade association giving information, advice and guidance to its members and a supplier of cost effective services that meet members’ needs – the RHA supports its members in all the challenges that they face.

As one of the UK’s largest trade bodies focused on the needs of the road freight sector, we are perfectly positioned to enhance any business large or small, and we can tailor every aspect of our activities to the requirements of individual companies or groups of companies as well as responding to the needs of the industry as a whole. We welcome, indeed encourage, representatives from our membership to get involved in the RHA’s work relating to specialist areas such as Security and Compliance, in industry sectors such as Waste and Food and, through our network of regional offices, we can reflect members’ views throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Visit us at stand K323 to see how the RHA can help you to build a better business. Alternatively, call 01733 261131 or visit for more information on the benefits of RHA Membership.


Tel: 01733 261131

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