“Roll-out in 90 days. Full ROI in 10 months”

WCS, specialists in the development of innovative software solutions for the supply chain sector, today announced that it had recently signed a partnership agreement with Belgravium Technologies, a manufacturer of rugged data capture devices and provider of associated mobile computing solutions. WCS will offer Belgravium mobile computers as a platform for its asset management software within leading manufacturing, retail, wholesale, warehousing and logistics organisations – the joint solution will enable end-to-end control of re-usable assets, saving time, money and driving improved performance.

The Client Challenges

Up to 60% of logistics budgets are typically spent on transit costs, however most logistics and efficiency systems focus on the 40-50% of costs in the static locations.  The delivery driver is the person who has the most interaction with the stores or customer. Providing them with the real time information they need to provide the appropriate level of service to the customer and providing visibility into activities that are being performed on the road is a significant challenge. The use of reusable delivery assets is increasing to meet financial and sustainability concerns; however the loss of these assets is significant (up to 5% each year) even in well-controlled environments.

The WCS-Belgravium Solution

The WCS-Belgravium Asset Management Solution will track all moveable assets and immediately improve their utilisation. The solution integrates web and mobile technologies to track reusable assets throughout the supply chain network, providing a single, mutually-agreed view of asset inventory that is visible to all supply chain partners. Whether the client has a newly-acquired pool of individually-tagged assets, an existing asset inventory that is not labelled or some combination of the two, the WCS-Belgravium Asset Management Solution provides the facilities required to safeguard investment in reusable assets. Adoption of the solution has already provided clients with rapid return on the initial investment, typically less than twelve months.

Key Features

REUSABLE DELIVERY ASSET TRACKING – Monitor reusable delivery assets throughout the supply chain in real time, via the adoption of mobile computers.

FLEXIBLE TRACKING OPTIONS – Track using individual unique asset license plates or by quantity, based on the type of asset.

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE CAPTURE – Secure mutual agreement of asset movements with the electronic capture of the customer’s signature. Improve time-to-invoice via the transmission of real-time data.

DAMAGE TRACKING – Record damages to assets where and when they occur.

OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL MODULES – The core Asset Tracking Module can be augmented by various vehicle-based data capture facilities, including telematics, driver behaviour analysis, tracking and vehicle diagnostics.

Commenting on the partnership, Mike Turner (Group Marketing Manager, Belgravium Technologies) remarked: “Partnering with a truly professional organisation, with global reach and with World-renowned software offerings, can only further enhance the product set we are able to promote to our clients. A truly optimised supply chain enjoys maximum gain from a perfect marriage of hardware and software. At the core of our solutions is a range of in-house manufactured hardware that is renowned for being fit-for-purpose within the demanding supply chain environment. However, we are keen for prospective customers to understand the wider context within which our products are used and the development of our partnership with WCS will assist us in meeting that strategic goal.”

Joshila Makan-Cachero (Operations Director, WCS UK) added her thoughts: “This is an exciting development for supply chain operations seeking advanced technology. New and existing customers can enjoy easy access to a broad range of fully-integrated hardware and software technologies required for their operations from a focused partnership. Our initial focus will be on the promotion of our asset tracking solution. However, both organisations have extensive solutions portfolios and dialogue is already on-going regarding how these product sets can be combined effectively for the benefit of our client base. WCS is proud to be partnering with an organisation that shares our high service level ethos, which will ensure that we can genuinely deliver ‘best of breed’ customer-oriented solutions.”



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