Following an incredibly successful 2011, UK Based Mobile Computing Solution providers Belgravium Ltd will commence the start of their 30 year anniversary celebrations with the launch of their next generation “Rugged by Design” terminals. The Boston 8550 handheld and Vienna 7500 vehicle mount terminals offer superior real-time data collection and scanning that will revolutionise the warehousing and logistics operations of their international client base.

Boston 8550

Designed in conjunction with Belgraviums extensive user base, the latest generation in the Boston series, the “Boston 8550” further enhances the existing 8500 product range with a lighter and more ergonomically designed mobile computer.

The 8550 maintains the robust credentials of the 8500 series whilst integrating a sleeker, well balanced and more lightweight design. Incorporating highly durable, hard-capped printed keys the 8550’s large and clearly defined 29 key numeric keypad is optimally set out making it ideal for gloved hand operation.

The multimodal 8550 facilitates superior data collection, from scanning to voice to RFID. The optimally positioned scan key provides ultimate operator comfort in scan intensive environments, enabling users to take advantage of the Boston range of scanning options including standard range, long range and extra-long range.

With 6 user defined function keys, the flexibility of the 8550 allows for the programmable key functions to suit each and every individual application. An optional alpha character key input is available via the mobile phone style keys or alternatively by pressing the on-screen alpha keyboard. This is accessed via the dedicated Alpha key on the Bostons high resolution QVGA TFT touch screen.

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Vienna 7500

Belgravium’s New-to-Market Rugged Vehicle Mount Terminal Provides Fast and Accurate Data Capture For Warehouse, Distribution and Port Applications.

The Vienna 7500 Series offers high end mobile computing performance within an ergonomic, compact and robust design. Offering the highest level of automation, it is the ideal industrial terminal for warehouse and logistics based vehicle mount and fork lift truck applications.

Distinguished by its rugged build, the Vienna is designed to withstand rigorous use and unique demands of the most rugged environments. The polycarbonate plastic alloy casing, touchscreen and sealed membrane keyboard provides full protection against dust, water and oil ingress maintaining an IP Rating of IP65.

The Vienna includes a full QWERTY keyboard with large, backlit keys that allow for data entry by gloved fingers. The high resolution 7” TFT with unique programmable LED backlight combines with the Vienna’s backlit keys to offer outstanding readability in both direct sunlight and all ambient lighting conditions.

The flexibility of the Vienna allows for the integration of various external scanning options including wireless, standard, long and RFID, further enhancing real time visibility within asset tracking and supply chain scenarios

The Vienna’s microprocessor architecture ensures optimal processing speed. Available with an array of communication options, the Vienna supports 802.11 b/g WiFi, Bluetooth Class I and 3G HSPA Mobile Broadband radio enabling users to stay connected wherever they are and whatever task they are performing.

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