CASE STUDY 7: BNP Paribas Real Estate

Warehouse and office location in the 21st century

Industry sector: Commercial property/warehousing

A key objective for BNP Paribas’ highly respected UK Real Estate business is to advise corporate clients on their office relocation strategies, using MapMechanics’ applications to highlight the availability of property in potential new locations and the implications for the time that staff are likely to spend travelling to work at their new premises. BNP’s work involves analysing the drive times from specific home addresses to possible new locations. As part of this exercise BNP Paribas Real Estate uses MapMechanics’ postcode data derived from OS Code-Point UK, along with Census data for profiling potential locations.

BNP Paribas is also a specialist in the logistics market, and is increasingly being asked by clients to advise on the “big shed” warehousing market. As Kevin Mofid explains: “We maintain in-house databases of property availability and rental levels, and with the MapMechanics territory management package we are able to analyse the information on a geographical basis.”

He adds: “With this kind of analysis we can identify mismatches between supply and demand, and indicate to clients where they could find alternative warehouse premises, or advise developers where to build.”

For this kind of analysis BNP Paribas Real Estate uses a combination of NAVTEQ map data and speed files and postcode data. “We also use the GeoConcept Postcode Formatter module,” Kevin Mofid adds. “Client data can be very variable in quality, and can contain out-of-date postcodes. MapMechanics’ system cleans up historical postcodes very effectively.”

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