CASE STUDY 2: Cormar Carpets

Laying down the optimum distribution network

Industry sector: Home furnishings

Cormar Carpets are a nationwide UK carpet supplier, delivering carpets to customers around Britain with a fleet of demountable-body drawbar trailer and rigid DAF trucks. Cormar pre-load orders at their warehouse in Tottington, near the company’s Ramsbottom factory, and the bodies are then transferred to their local depots onto local delivery trucks’ chassis.

Like Wincanton, Cormar Carpets use TruckStops routing and scheduling together with MapMechanics’market leading GeoXploit solution. GeoXploit enables organisations to improve the spread of their distribution network, and evaluate customer penetration and profitability in different areas within their business, as well as optimising their distribution operation. Cormar have optimised their distribution network with MapMechanics’ support, and made their planning process more reliable.

Cormar Carpets’ Craig Marshall says: “Thanks to MapMechanics’ solutions we have been able to increase our average number of drops per load from eight or nine to thirteen, yet improve our service levels at the same time. We are now achieving at least 98 per cent on-time delivery performance.”

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