City Electrical Factors (CEF) is the definitive name in electrical product distribution, and has been at the forefront of the distribution of electrical products since it was founded as a private company way back in 1951. Founded over 50 years ago, it has over 400 branches in the UK and is committed to extra branches and improved locations.

CEF now operates more warehousing space than 30 football stadiums put together – with twice as many distribution outlets as their nearest competitor – and is the UK’s fastest growing electrical wholesaler, with a staff of over 4,000 and 1700 vehicles, maintaining the company’s proud statement of delivering ‘where and what you want… with the power to supply.‘

As can be imagined, product storage systems are a crucial aspect of this progressive organisation, as recently highlighted by their liaison with Action Storage Systems at the new CEF store in Mortimer Street in central London. Action Storage has a history going back to 2001 with CEF, having variously supplied Supershelf™ shelving, cable racking (longspan shelving) and coil racking to some 50 branches.

The Challenge:

To maximise stock holding and storage facilities within a confined new branch in London’s West End, and having to be planned whilst refurbishment took place against a background of rising steel prices.

The Solution:

Supershelf Mobile Shelving from specialist Action Storage maximises floor space by opening and closing bays as necessary whilst accommodating multiple levels of flexible storage space.

The new Mortimer Street location was the second to benefit from Supershelf™ mobile shelving, the first being in Docklands. This was the ideal product for the project given the confines of space, and the inherent Action Storage experience was a major factor. The fact that the site was originally being occupied by another company, combined with the rise of steel prices, meant the project took a while to come to fruition and required constant attention from Action Storage in terms of plans, layouts and numerous, imperative site visits to ensure the absolutely correct installation of the mobile bases. All this took place whilst ongoing refurbishment was in progress. This attentive policy paid positive dividends in terms of totally successful completion without a hitch and within budget and time frame.

The Result:

The end result is a very satisfied customer in the form of Jeremy Saunders, CEF General Manager. As he observes, “Our new location was very important to us in terms of improved customer service in the West End of London. Action Storage Systems were our first choice as the partner for the shelving and stockroom fit out. We chose them for the combination of the right quality product and competitive pricing. As it proved, they were very helpful at every stage of the process – whether planning, designing, ordering or installing – and especially as regards the key challenge of space.

“The new shelving allows us to keep several thousand product lines and yet still offers good working space in an area where it is traditionally very difficult to run an electrical wholesale outlet due to the nature of the surroundings and the available building. The West End of London doesn’t have an industrial estate area. The shelving allows an exceptional stock holding which will improve turnover and help achieve high levels of customer service. The sales, ordering and installation process with Action Storage was first class. We have an ongoing programme of new branches and improved locations, and this new fit out will fly the flag for improved customer perception, appearance and CEF professionalism.”

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