Belgravium, a leading manufacturer of mobile computing hardware secures a substantial order for in excess of 600 of its ‘Atlanta 5000’ series Hand Held terminals from Hermes, the UK’s largest courier based home delivery company

Handling more than 115 million collections and deliveries per annum. Hermes works with companies of all sizes, and in recent years has diversified from agency catalogue brands to work with leading high street, direct catalogue and online retailers in the UK including Next Directory, Readers Digest, Lakeland Limited and ASOS.

Within the UK, Hermes operates a network of over 7,500 self-employed lifestyle couriers that provides flexible, high-quality doorstep delivery, combined with a friendly and local approach. Hermes provides an innovative range of delivery solutions that include next day delivery, parcel returns, SMS messaging and real time management information.

Making Delivery Easy!!

Hermes success is based on a solution designed and built around tackling the key challenges in a growing and increasingly complex market. Hermes’ customers are increasingly demanding instant visibility and information on their purchases. As such, Hermes formulated plans for the upgrade of barcode technologies utilised throughout its fixed depot and hub locations and its ‘radial’ van drivers. The fundamental requirement was to provide state of the art visibility of shipment information between Hermes and their end user. After an exhaustive evaluation of several major mobile computer solutions, Hermes made the decision to upgrade their solutions with their existing incumbent supplier Belgravium.

Belgravium have now been key suppliers of mobile computing solutions to Hermes, and in its previous incarnation, Parcelnet, since the late 1980s. In this time, they have acquired a solid reputation for excellent product, technical service and general support. The upgrade, for in excess of 600 terminals, placed in June 2011 was successfully rolled out across 23 depots in 6 weeks.

Upgraded Solution

The solution, based around Belgravium’s new to market Atlanta 5000 mobile computing hardware ensures fast, reliable and accurate capture of data at key tracking points for all items handled across Hermes’ operations. The ultra rugged Atlanta 5000 Series facilitates superior data capture within any scanning scenario and was selected for its well balanced, lightweight design that was capable of surviving the rigours of the Hermes operation.

The upgrade will allow shipments to be scanned and tracked throughout the parcels receipt, dispatch and returns processes within the Hermes’ hubs, Depots and Delivery Vans. This will provide Hermes and its clients with key data on all parcel movements. Hermes continues to be excited by the potential of the solution upgrade in relation to further process improvements. This potential has already been fully realised in key areas of the business and continues to help them deliver unsurpassable customer service levels and secure tangible operational improvements across their facility.

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