The newest rack leg protector on the market, RackGuard from A-Safe is now certified to FEM 10.2.02, the European standard recognised internationally, meaning that it’s fast becoming the best product of its kind on the market.

The test, carried out by an independent body at the beginning of February, consists of a four front impact test with the rack Guard Leg Protecta attached to Speedrack medium duty 80mm x 80mm x 2.0mm steel racking upright. A 40kg mass was dropped onto the RackGuard from a one metre height, and zero deflection on the racking was achieved.

After months of investment, research and design, the RackGuard Leg Protecta hasn’t been on the market long, but it’s already attracted the attention of some of the big players in the warehouse sector of the Health and Safety industry.

Just like all A-Safe barriers, it’s a unique patented polymer based product. Its curved shape helps deflect impact from FLT’s, but the flexible material means that it absorbs impact too – therefore damage to racking and its content is minimised considerably.

With RackGuard, you get racking protection that can’t be found elsewhere.

“It’s an exciting time for A-Safe” said director, James Smith. “The RackGuard is new, and we’ve offered free trials to businesses to see what they think about it. The response and the feedback has been overwhelming, and orders are coming in thick and fast. For instance, we’ve just had an order for 4000 RackGuards at Penny Markt, the large German supermarket chain which is fantastic.”

A-Safe’s success and growing reputation has forced them to look for premises twice the size of their current home, and they’ll be moving later this year. Space is an issue for the firm who manufactures their own products rather than being an inconvenient middle man, and this is all down to how great their barrier system is.

The RackGuard is the latest example as to why they’re becoming the leaders in the health and safety barriers market, as innovation is one of their main strengths. Time and again, people return to A-Safe because everything is done “under one roof”, and by doing so they represent British manufacturing at its best. Also setting them apart is the fact that if you need something more customised making that no-one else can do, A-Safe can do it for you.

Five times safer

James also told us: “We test all our barriers ourselves. Our in house testing system is more rigorous than the FEM test as we point load impact test the RackGuard five times in a row. We’ve developed a specially designed test rig where we drop a load of 40kg on to the RackGuard at 9.8m per second. This simulates a 1.5 tonne vehicle impacting with a fork end direct on to the racking at a speed of 9.7mph. Therefore RackGuard has a five times safety factor with zero deflection on the racking.

The test has been filmed in hi speed and slowed down to show the detail of how well it performs. Visit to take a look.

Not satisfied with their testing of the RackGuard so far, A-Safe have asked TUV, the leading international body for the certification of safety and quality for products, services and management systems to certify the product too. This will also be done this month.

The RackGuard

The standard Leg Protecta length is 600mm, although any length is available to suit any application. They are also available in two width sizes, which means that rack leggings of 75mm to 125mm in width are catered for. They are easily fitted and clip in to place without fixings being required and come in A-Safe yellow, which immediately reduces the likelihood of impact occurrence by simple visual detection. The slim line design means they take up minimal room in a warehouse too.

“Once people see, feel and experience our product, they’re wowed by it, they order it, they order some more and they tell others.” James added. “We’re also pretty far down the line in discussions with a leading UK based supermarket chain too, and have had enquiries for over 10,000 RackGuards in the first month of the year, and have trials with major automotive distribution centres and leading retail distribution centres in the UK. This shows that people already know they’re getting the best with A-Safe and that’s why this product is already proving to be successful.”

Free trials are still available for the RackGuard, and you can talk to A-Safe to secure yours by calling them on 01422 344402

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