Being the best product on the market means Rack Armour receives a great deal of press in the UK. Rack Armour is found on racking stock images, on fork lift truck adverts, rival products have even been known to try and pass Rack Armour off as their own. This level of exposure does not happen overnight, Rack Armour has been selling guards for over 8 years now,  continuing to develop the product  making it tougher, more durable, and this has seen the guard become the new “must have” in the market.

Rack Armour is now delighted to announce it is available in over 70 Countries, a number which towers above any close rivals. New inclusions to this list are Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama and many more!

Our new found popularity in Central America has been helped by local major blue chip companies installing the guard, most recently Wal-Mart.

We all know who Wal-Mart are, the supermarket powerhouse, the runaway leader in retail, the biggest supermarket chain in the world, and why not? It serves 100 million customers every week, dominating the retail market.

To serve this enormous customer base Wal-Mart have one of the world’s most intricate and efficient logistics networks in the world, moving over 5.5 billion cases/pallets annually. Transferring this astronomical amount of goods would leave any company open to potential racking damage from fork lift impacts.

Wal-Mart Central America approached Rack Armour for a solution to their ever increasing racking damage figures, a problem unfortunately most busy distribution centres have around the globe.

Wal-Mart needed something that would protect their racks, without hindering their busy operations whilst installations took place, something Rack Armour’s excel in. The guard simply clips onto the existing racking upright without any fixtures and fittings, enabling all warehouse staff to install with minimal time or fuss. Not only this, but Rack Armour also takes multiple blows from forklift trucks and other material handling equipment, enhancing racking life by a proven 80% over traditional protection.

After trialing the Rack Armour system for a short period, Wal-Mart’s racking damage figures dropped so much they promptly purchased enough units to accommodate all of their operations in each of the Central American countries.

“Rack Armour continues to defy the odds”, says Richard Nelson, Marketing Coordinator at Rack Armour, “In the past we’ve had a fight on our hands convincing people that plastic is a better solution to steel protection, but once people trial the guards for themselves it soon becomes apparent that the more superior durable and effective product is Rack Armour”.

Due to the growing popularity of the guard in the USA, Rack Armour was recently asked to appear on hit US show “21st Century Business”, the show aired in late April on multiple channels including CNBC and Fox Business. The show included guest spots from Rack Armour dealers across the US and video footage to show why blue chip clients such as Disney, Kellogg, Home Depot, IKEA, Nestle, Coca Cola, DHL, McDonalds are installing the guard globally.

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