Transdek, the UK’s leading specialists in double deck loading solutions, is recommending the introduction of a new loading bay height at distribution centres handling high volumes of deliveries through fixed double deck trailers.

Most conventional loading bays are constructed with a raised floor height of 1,200mm to enable a straight run through of loads onto single deck trailers, with minor height adjustments made using dock levellers. With the increased use of more efficient delivery solutions using double deck trailers, which typically feature 900mm and 2.9m decks, lifts are essential equipment to fill both levels.

This necessitates the double handling of product from the warehouse onto the lift and then into the trailer, which slows the loading process down. To address this issue, Transdek believes a new approach to distribution centre design should be adopted that incorporates a gradual gradient in double deck bays to allow operatives a direct run on and off the lower vehicle deck.

Leon Butler, Operations Director at Transdek, explains: “We’re continually looking at ways to improve the efficiency of loading vehicles. In the case of fixed double deck trailers we believe new distribution centres should be built with dedicated double deck loading bays with a descending gradient to around 900mm. This way vehicle fill time can be significantly reduced, which drives down costs, speeds up turnaround and with less handling, improves safety.

“We’ve found that in trials this approach has seen typical fixed double deck vehicle turnaround times cut to as little as 50-minutes.”

Transdek has also developed an alternative solution that will deliver the same benefits for existing sites by elevating the vehicle.

Butler continues: “By installing wheel ramps in the loading bay, trucks reverse as normal and the lower vehicle floor rises to integrate seamlessly with the dock. These ramps are tailor made to marry the vehicle to the specific dock height.”

The company has also modified its hydraulic double deck lifts to include a variable dock plate that can accommodate a range of dock heights. These modular units, which are designed as pre-clad, pre-tested loadhouse units, can also be easily moved to another bay or location with a different dock height.

Transdek is a UK manufacturer of strategic, innovative loading bay equipment and multi award-winning loading systems, designed to improve efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness and to enhance future logistics sustainability.

Transdek UK Ltd

Leon Butler, Operations Director

Tel: 01302 752276


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