According to sales director Ron Wilson, 2011 was the breakthrough year when PowerCell Industrial Battery Engineers became firmly established as a major player in the UK battery market. Now, with a raft of prestige orders and the FLTA’s Supplier of the Year Award under its belt, PowerCell greets 2012 with justifiable confidence.

2011 got off to the best possible start when PowerCell was named Supplier of the Year at the FTLA Awards for Excellence.

This coveted award is decided by a vote among FLTA Members throughout the materials handling industry, demonstrating widespread approval for the flourishing battery and charger supplier’s mix of state-of-the-art products and quality service.

Ron Wilson says: “We pride ourselves on excellent service, so it meant a great deal to have this endorsed by our customers and peers.”

The award proved a sign of things to come, as a string of deals with manufacturers and household-name forklift users alike saw PowerCell batteries powering more British trucks than ever before.

In particular, the company benefited from major deals to install its groundbreaking Battery Management System “SAFEchange”, which optimises battery life expectancy, while minimising downtime.

With PowerCell’s reputation spreading rapidly – not only in materials handling but also air, rail, maritime and power industries – 2011 brought a marked increase in workforce; new team members helping the company to maintain its high standards for customers old and new.

Meanwhile, a growing number of customers found they could protect the environment at the same time as cutting costs, using PowerCell’s innovative Battery Regeneration Facility. Giving customers’ batteries a new lease of life, at a fraction of the cost, this rapidly-expanding service is proving increasingly popular at a time where many hire contracts are being extended.

Now, the start of 2012 sees PowerCell come full circle, as last year’s Supplier of the Year has become a proud sponsor of the FLTA Awards in its own right.

Ron Wilson explains: “It is important to us to put something back into our industry, in the expectation that someone else will benefit from the FLTA Awards in turn, just as we have done.

“We go into 2012 with major opportunities for PowerCell to continue expanding to meet our customers’ needs. The quality service that has brought us this far remains paramount to our Company objectives, so I see no reason why this should not be the best year yet.”


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