Permaban is launching a new collection of products to protect construction joints in concrete floors and pavements.

The BetaJoint range encompasses three products – BetaEdge, BetaJoint and BetaExpansion – which offer proven, durable joint protection for concrete slab applications.

BetaEdge and BetaJoint are designed for use in internal concrete floors. They provide a permanent formwork, which also helps to control the movement of the concrete as it contracts while curing, helping to reduce and minimise cracking.

BetaExpansion is for external hard-standings and roadways, where concrete may expand or contract once cured, depending on the temperature.

Additionally, the BetaEdge AR derivative is designed to enable swift, reliable repairs of existing damaged construction joint edges. Designed particularly for warehousing and distribution centres, but suitable for use in many applications, the BetaJoint range combines three clever features.

Firstly, the novel “Beta” grid-cut face (patent applied for) ensures strength and stability along the whole length of the joint – unlike some studded armoured joints. Fewer raw materials are used in the manufacture of the product, though it remains extremely rigid and relatively light to handle.

Secondly, a sharp inner edge on the grid-cut face means the concrete can be neatly finished during installation, helping to prevent spalling and breakdown around the joint.

Thirdly, the radiused edges on the top corners of the joint enable the wheels of vehicles such as forklift trucks to move more easily over the joints – reducing stress to the joint and damage to wheels.

By re-thinking the concept of armoured joints, Permaban has provided a unique solution to construction joint protection – saving logistics building owners and operators both time and money.

Permaban is a recognised international expert in the design and manufacture of armoured joints for concrete floors, and often creates bespoke products for clients. The company also supplies concrete curing agents and sealants, joint sealants, and dry shake toppings.

Permaban Ltd

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