The new Cat® EP13-20(C)PN(T) range of 48V, 3 and 4 wheeled, counterbalanced electric lift trucks are now available in the UK from Impact Handling.

Engineered to operate both indoors and out, whatever the weather, these new trucks answer the call for electric trucks that are more durable in harsh environments.

Longer service intervals, reduced energy consumption, added safety features and quieter operation are all delivered by these new trucks, available in lift capacities of 1.3, 1.5 tonnes (three-wheel versions) and 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 tonnes (three and four-wheel).

The design of this range addresses the historical area of potential weakness for electric lift trucks, their ability to resist the impact of water and dirt. Dust and dirt can adversely affect vulnerable components like motors and brakes, while water can interfere with electrics and help corrode the very body of the truck.

As you would expect from Cat®, the new lift trucks fully address these challenges. All come as standard with IPx4 splash protection. This protects the truck and all its components from water ingress from all angles to ensure reliable operation in wet environments both indoor and out.

Dust protection is reinforced with IP54 sealed traction and hydraulic pump motors, while the wet disc brakes resist both water and dust. The maintenance free, sealed brake units contribute significantly to  to the greatly extended service interval of 1000 hours.

For particularly harsh operating conditions, as found in the food and chemical industries both the frame and mast of these trucks can be galvanised, further improving longevity and productivity.

Energy consumption has been reduced by an impressive 12% compared to older models, and both DIN and British Standard Batteries can be fitted. The latter give enough additional capacity to extend working time by as much as 2 hours.

Safety remains the highest priority and the new range benefits from the PDS+ system. This system cuts power to the drive motors and hydraulics when he driver isn’t seated, preventing unintentional activation of the truck. An automatically applied parking brake and ‘ramp hold’ also further reduce accident risk.

Noise levels at the drivers ear of only 66dB(A) (three-wheel models) and 67dB(A) (four-wheel models) are amongst the quietest available, adding to driver comfort and safety.

Not only does this range offer better value for money and improved safety levels but the fact that they can thoroughly washed down makes it easier for the operator to maximise their lifespan and productivity, further reducing whole life costs.

Impact Handling

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