For specialist handling solutions it always pays – in every sense – to turn to the specialist manufacturer, and when it comes to side loading forklift trucks then the established names to note are LANCER and BAUMANN which are specialist brand range made within the prestigious BULMOR industries group.

The side loading design is especially suitable for long, horizontal and deemed as awkward loads – within for example the steel, piping,  timber and window industries. BULMOR’s philosophy is to best use the customers’ resources by maximising storage capacity in any given space and situation and ensuring optimum safety for the operator, the load and the equipment. The company has literally engineered the right trucks for the right projects by staying close to the niche markets and understanding exactly what is needed and matching specifications and requirements. All of the trucks cope with long,heavy and large material in confined spaces. They are happy inside,outside, on uneven ground and gradients and long distances.

Capacities range from 2 to 25 tons and cover two main formats – the BAUMANN electric fourway sideloader and the LANCER IC and electric version conventional sideloaders. The environment and energy friendly BAUMANN electric version solves all materials handling tasks. The four individual model ranges and a full choice of optional equipment enables the sideloader to fit any application. Equally the BULMOR made LANCER clever and flexible Internal Combustion (IC) engine and electric sideloaders embrace conventional forklift, sideloader or multi-way forklift options.

The trucks are manufactured in Austria by BULMOR to the highest European standards and supported by the UK subsidiary offering direct purchases as well as a rental fleet backed by a parts service and in-house mechanics. All of which combines to minimise downtime and running costs and keep the trucks working. This is in tandem with advanced BULMOR features including multi-purpose lighting; large profile wheels for better absorption on uneven ground with better directional stability compared to other truck types: wide comfortable cabins with adjustable seats and tinted safety glass; armoured roofs plus protective grills; height adjustable steering incorporating operating functions and pre-controlled hydraulics with joystick operation.

Job reports are available across all industries so that you can relate to your situation.


Tel: 01525 378000


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