A specially designed Sidetracker multi-direction reach truck with front-loading and side-loading capabilities is providing aluminium glazing contractor Colorminium with all-purpose handling capabilities at its manufacturing site in Essex, minimising manual handling and improving productivity.

The truck has been designed to perform all load-carrying functions at the site, including six-metre-long stillages containing aluminium profiles, steel box pallets, glass carriers, timber pallets and steel waste bins. It has to lift loads six metres high, pass through a doorway 2550mm high x 1680mm wide and unload delivery vehicles.

The previous lift truck was unable to unload delivery vehicles, so incoming loads had to be pushed manually from the yard into the factory on trolleys.

To overcome this problem and provide maximum load-carrying capabilities, the Sidetracker’s forks can be extended and spread hydraulically by the driver in the cab from 1350mm to 2300mm in length and 300mm to 1500mm wide. The forks can also be tilted hydraulically between 2° upwards and 5° downwards, while the mast remains vertical.

The mast has an overall extended height of 6750mm and a lift height of 6000mm, to enable it to stack the stillages to the maximum height possible in the factory. To enable the truck to also access a rear storage yard through a doorway only 2550mm high, the Sidetracker has a four-section mast with a closed height of only 2500mm. It is rated to lift 2750kg at 600mm load centre to full height.

The truck itself measures 1550mm deep x 1250mm wide, which allows for the width of the doorway and generally meets the need for a compact, symmetrical shape that is easily manoeuvrable within the production areas, assisted by a full 360° turning capability. It is powered by twin electro-hydraulic power units through high-torque hydrostatic transmissions, with the motors automatically running singly or together to suit demand.

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