It’s cleaner, greener and offers significant savings to the warehouse and logistics industry, and now the transition to LPG fuel has become a great deal easier, thanks to AvantiGas’ dedicated team of specialists, on hand to make the switchover simpler than ever.

As the cost of conventional fuel escalates and emission reduction becomes top of the global agenda many businesses have, no doubt, played with the idea of converting their fleet to LPG – according to the experts LPG has one of the lowest levels of carbon emissions, poses no pollution threat to soil and water and burns cleaner with few emissions (compared to other fossil fuels).

However, the job of converting a whole operation over to LPG can be daunting to an industry familiar and comfortable with traditional fuels – something which has created one of the biggest barriers to change. The process is a lot easier than many would expect, with fuel suppliers AvantiGas, now offering the necessary infrastructure and expert support to make LPG a viable and easy alternative for all.

AvantiGas was acquired from Shell by the UGI Corporation; one of the world’s largest LPG marketers mostly focused in the USA and Europe, marketing under several well known local brands in each market.

Leading the way as part of one of the largest LPG providers in the world, AvantiGas is now able to draw on global expertise to offer its customers professional, local solutions to meet businesses needs.

With an experienced team of LPG specialists, AvantiGas provides reliable, expert service, through dedicated account managers, always on hand to offer a consistent point of contact, and steady supply.

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Gavin Morris, B2B Sales Manager at AvantiGas, says: “There are so many benefits to using LPG within the warehouse and logistics sector. It’s cost-effective, clean and helps increase productivity. We are looking to drive the business forward throughout 2012 – employing new team members to help us continue to provide the high level of service we pride ourselves on, and support future growth of the organisation.”

With a high level of customer service, combined with the numerous benefits of LPG gas, it is not surprising that more and more warehousing and logistics businesses are switching to LPG with AvantiGas.

Its cleaner emissions make LPG preferable for dirt and odour-sensitive product movement, meanwhile the fuel actually benefits engines, creating less carbon build-up, which greatly increases the longevity of forklift trucks and other machines. In addition, LPG generates much less operating noise than diesel engines, helping to provide a better working environment, and LPG-fuelled forklift trucks can operate both inside and outdoors, eliminating the cost, inconvenience and health and safety implications of running two separate fleets with one set of drivers.

Last, but by no means least, engine performance is not compromised when using LPG, thanks to its high calorific value. Power, acceleration and cruise speed are comparable to those of a vehicle powered by diesel and LPG can also be used to power the movement of heavy loads, making it ideal for forklift trucks. Meanwhile, fast refuelling time prevents unnecessary downtime, making LPG powered vehicles ideal for continuous operation.

AvantiGas has recently introduced a telemetry system which wirelessly monitors customers’ levels of fuel, enabling firms to replenish LPG levels well before the current supply runs out. This consistent supply of energy ensures greater productivity for customers, minimising down-time – essential for those who depend on LPG to fuel vehicles and other machinery critical to their operation.

With a myriad of benefits, LPG from AvantiGas is proving one of the most versatile fuels for the warehouse and logistics industry. All the world’s leading forklift truck manufacturers now produce versions capable of running on LPG, providing all the advantages of diesel and electricity, at less cost. As a result, LPG from AvantiGas is now being used to power forklift trucks saving businesses money while reducing harmful environmental emissions.

Such growth means the future for AvantiGas is looking bright with plans to recruit even more team members in 2012 to keep up with the growing popularity of LPG and to continue and build on the exceptional level of customer service currently provided.

For more information on LPG from AvantiGas, please visit or call 0808 208 0000

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