Step into the spotlight: Clark displays the new GEX 40-50 four-wheel electric forklift

World premiere

Clark is entering a new load class for its electric-powered equipment with the GEX 40-50 with pneumatic or superlastic rubber tyres. This 80V four-wheel forklift with its 4, 4.5 and 5 tonne load capacities represents a significant complement to the successful GEX range (1.6 – 3 tonnes). The conceptual design of the GEX, which features two drive motors, 100 percent AC technology and maintenance-free oil-immersed disk brakes, is identical to Clark’s industry-proven three- and four-wheel models in the 48 and 80 Volt segment. This already guarantees excellent performance, optimal manoeuvrability and safe load handling.

GEX 40-50: powerful yet economical

Developed by Clark’s international project team, the new GEX’s two parallel front drive motors each with 9.2 kW power and 80 Volt three-phase current technology ensure excellent acceleration and high driving power. The twin AC motors are maintenance free, thus reducing operating costs to a minimum.

Drive dependent on steering angle

Steering: the drive performance on the GEX 40-50 is dependent on the steering angle. The speed and direction of the wheels are controlled in such a way that severe tyre wear is avoided. This type of steering also enables a gentle yet precise startup, even when the steering is fully locked. The manoeuvrability of the GEX 40-50 is positively surprising given its load class.

Optimal protection for motors and controls

All the motors are fully enclosed so they are protected against dust, water and dirt particles; motor temperature monitoring curbs the power whenever temperatures approach design limits. All the control elements are also enclosed and are therefore protected against ambient factors. For further protection, they are raised high above the ground in the counterweight.

Full control by means of intelligent braking standards

Clark has also incorporated its foot-operated parking brake, which was previously only known for their use in their combustion engined industrial vehicles. A total of three mutually independent brake systems (electrical brake, service brake, parking brake) ensure practically-oriented safety levels and increase the turnaround efficiency through improved utilisation of the battery capacity. As in all Clark electric forklifts, the new GEX series also uses DIN batteries. The service and parking brakes are oil-immersed disk brakes, eliminating the need to replace the brake pads and reducing total cost of ownership.

For particularly safe handling on sloping terrain and loading platforms, the standard ramp function enables vehicle control to be maintained at all times.

Compact unit for heavy-duty usage

The foot-operated parking brake is not the only technology which Clark has transferred to the GEX 40-50. Clark’s robust, durable upright produced in-house have also pointed the way for new GEX models, based on the company’s experience in combustion-engined equipment. Components proven through heavy-duty usage include the rigid chassis, stable high-visibility upright and powerful lifting hydraulics. Moreover, the independent, electrically-powered hydraulic pump with AC technology only pumps the oil volume required for the relevant action, making it highly energy efficient.

Working safely and fatigue-free

To what extent does the GEX 40-50 offer a fatigue-free workplace? The GEX 40-50 answers this question as soon as you mount it. The driver can reach his ergonomically designed work area with plenty of room via a large, low-positioned perforated metal step. A handle on the drivers overhead guard column on the entry side makes it easier to climb up and down. The rubber floor covering in the footwell ensures a firm foot grip. The tilting steering column and an easily adjustable comfort seat with tremendous legroom can be adjusted to suit any driver. The pedal system is arranged in the same way as an automobile. The operating levers with intuitive activation direction move smoothly and are located at a height that allows perfect grip. Equipment options such as cabs, mini-levers and lights complete the picture.

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