Warehouse & Logistics News – What does your job involve day to day?

The management of Calor’s forklift truck LPG market, working with both businesses and manufacturers

W&LN – What is your particular proposition for customers in the warehouse & logistics sector?

Calor continues to emphasise the key benefits of using LPG to power forklift trucks. For example, Calor LPG is a clean burning, versatile fuel, capable of operating inside and out whilst maintaining constant power. These are key advantages that can not only reduce emissions, but can also increase operating efficiencies.

W&LN – How has the power sources sector been performing in 2011? What do you see as the most important recent developments in the sector?

With the current economic climate as it is, efficiency is the key for businesses to survive and grow. Calor has therefore taken steps to help address efficiencies, and this is evident for example in the development of both Magnatract® technology and ‘memory plastic’ dip tubes found within all Calor forklift cylinders that help in the operation of LPG forklifts.

W&LN – Have you moved into any new business areas during 2011?

Calor has taken great strides in the commercial and domestic heating sectors, where Calor LPG is increasingly being specified as an alternative to oil and electricity.  We’re also promoting Calor LPG as a fuel capable of both operating alongside renewables and fuelling low carbon technology such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) boilers.

W&LN – Do you operate in any other countries besides the UK? How are you getting on there? Have you gone into any new countries in 2011?

Calor itself has traditionally operated in the UK. However, in 1997, Calor became wholly owned by the Dutch parent company SHV Energy, and has grown to be one of the group’s leading subsidiaries. SHV Energy is the worlds largest downstream supplier of LPG and has operating companies in a number of different countries across the world.

W&LN – Have you won any awards in 2011, or been accredited to any new industry standards during this time?

Calor has recently been accredited by the RTITB to deliver professional safe re-fuelling training to forklift truck customers. This ensures Calor customers are given the greatest level of care when assuming a new supply of LPG for forklifts. In addition, at a corporate level, Calor has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard in recognition for steps taken towards carbon reduction within Calor’s business itself.

W&LN – Which industry sectors are your customers in? What applications do people use your products/services for?

Calor LPG is a versatile, low carbon fuel, and so can be used in a wide range of commercial and consumer sectors. Calor’s largest markets are domestic and commercial heating, forklift trucks, agriculture, and catering. But Calor LPG can be used in many ways that people might not expect.  In fact, there are hundreds of applications for which Calor LPG can be used. It was even used to power twenty magnificent “giant candles” at the Queen’s coronation in 1953.

W&LN – As the Christmas period is traditionally the busiest time of year for the UK warehousing and logistics industry, what challenges has your company been facing?

The winter period as a whole is the busiest period for any fuel supplier. But Calor is very well placed to tackle these challenges, with a comprehensive network of distribution depots, cylinder and bulk gas delivery vehicles and the UK’s largest team of dedicated LPG engineers to help keep Calor customers up and running, even in the coldest of winters.

W&LN – What are your plans for 2012?

To continue to illustrate the environmental and efficiency benefits Calor LPG can bring to businesses, whether for heating, forklift trucks or industrial processes.

W&LN – Where do you see your company in three years’ time?

As the low carbon energy supplier of choice for those located off the gas grid, as well as for businesses operating forklift trucks.

Calor Gas

Tel: 0800 121 7841

Email: askcalor@calor.co.uk   


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