The name Sichelschmidt is synonymous with ex-protected forklifts that meet the stringent requirements of operation in potentially explosive atmospheres, but this German manufacturer also offers a wide range of reach and counterbalance models as well as pedestrian pallet trucks, pallet stackers and straddle stackers.

Sichelschmidt developed the first electric truck for use in a potentially explosive environment in 1966 and has been the market leader in this particularly demanding field of technology for many years. The distinguishing feature of Sichelschmidt’s ex-protected trucks, fully compliant with the ATEX directives, is that they have been designed from the outset for operation in potentially explosive zones, not simply “converted” from a non-ex truck. As Sichelschmidt does not adapt existing machines, users can be assured of the utmost performance and safety levels. Each individual component – from the motor to the brakes and the forks – is specifically constructed to rule out any risk of explosion.

Sichelschmidt’s “Offshore Package” combines ex-protection with further technological advances which enable the forklifts to work without downtime in the extremely harsh environments of offshore drilling platforms. In order to counteract the effects of extreme cold and long exposure to the corrosive atmosphere of sea water, Sichelschmidt has developed rigorous plating, coating and sealing procedures for its components and connecting elements.  It has also devised a safe method for the challenging procedures of battery charging where there are no non-ex zones: a charging box protects the connector between the battery and the charging unit from the surrounding environment. If opened during charging the process is immediately interrupted, allowing safe battery charging in areas where the risk of explosion is present. The latest location to benefit from Sichelschmidt’s offshore package is a natural gas drilling platform north of the Russian Pacific island of Sakhalin, which has taken delivery of its second 1,600 kg capacity forklift.

The specialist nature of Sichelschmidt’s products has also enabled it to adapt its technology to provide two pallet trucks for a Class C cleanroom application for a leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. These feature specially developed solvent resistant paint, stainless steel components and innovative wheel technology which eliminates abrasion whilst maintaining the necessary level of traction. Sichelschmidt is now  looking into developing a fully hygienic stainless steel series of pedestrian trucks.

The combination of German engineering and design at its best and Sichelschmidt’s wealth of experience on the international market make for an unbeatable range of products, whatever you application.

Sichelschmidt GmbH

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