Celebrating a successful 2011, safety barrier company A-Safe have recently launched another brilliant product, adding RackGuard racking protection to their already impressive catalogue.

RackGuard follows the A-Safe barrier tradition of being flexible, solid, absorbing impact and minimising damage – and its launch rounded off a great year from the company from Halifax, West Yorkshire.

There have been a lot of highlights which stand out for A-Safe in the last 12 months. Demand has increased for their warehouse protection, both within the UK and throughout Europe, and as a result they’ve continued to grow as a business. Staffing levels have increased, they’ve bought new premises that are double the size of where they are at the moment, and they’ve been noticed by more and more blue chip companies wanting to buy A-Safe barriers.

A-Safe can count Nestle, Coca Cola, Kimberley Clark and Toyota amongst their customers to name but a few, installing traffic segregation, pedestrian barriers, handrails and bollards plus much more to improve health and safety in their warehouses.

A-Safe’s new RackGuard product is already creating a buzz amongst warehouse managers, and it’s sure to be a big seller for A-Safe in 2012.

The company are excited by the RackGuard product, which has been in development for quite some time.  Many of their previous clients have been ringing and ringing A-Safe to find out when it’ll be ready, and to celebrate the new product, they’ve been handing out free trials to interested firms.

An absolute giveaway…

A-Safe Director James Smith believes RackGuard to be the best racking protection product available, and they are continuing to offer free trials to existing and new customers: “We’ve have lots of good feedback from people who’ve tried out the RackGuard at the end of 2011, and we’re telling people to make their own minds up about it”.

He added: “All people need to do is get in touch with us and we can a trial of RackGuard for them completely free of charge. We’re confident they’ll like it, and will see that it’s just like the rest of our products – the best health and safety protection around.”

You can call A-Safe to discuss your free trial today, on 01422 344402.

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