At Luxonic Lighting we have just celebrated our 25th anniversary of designing, manufacturing and supplying energy efficient and effective lighting to a variety of market sectors including education, commercial offices and healthcare.

Over the last two years, we have developed ranges of lighting fittings to serve the logistics and manufacturing markets.

The key drive in our product development has been to save our customers energy – up to 80% in certain cases and with some projects giving a payback within 12 months. The two-pronged approach has been to reduce the installed load first and then, with the addition of integral sensors in the light fitting, reduce the operating energy usage by only having the fittings lit if the area/aisle is occupied. There are also additional savings if daylight levels are high as the fittings can dim. Our fittings, using T5 fluorescent tubes, are probably the most efficient on the market; we usually supply a two-lamp fitting whilst some of our competitors have to use three lamps to obtain the same lighting levels. T5 fluorescent tubes are almost always the right choice for ambient areas; T5 lamps will have a typical service life of 18,000 hours (that is when 10% of the lamps have failed), are low cost to replace and nearly maintain their full output through life. Long life T5 lamps are now available that have a typical service life of 30,000 hours.

Where does LED lighting fit into the picture?

Typically, high power LEDs will have a service life of 50,000 hours, by which time their light output will have fallen by 30%.

A highly efficient, well-designed T5 aisle fitting will exceed the efficiency (measured in luminaire lumens per circuit Watt) of an equivalent LED luminaire and at probably half the capital cost.

A key benefit for LEDs is their ability to perform well at very low temperatures. Standard T5 fluorescent lamps will perform poorly at 0ºC and very poorly at minus 25ºC. However, LEDs like the cold; light output will increase when LEDs are run at low temperatures.

We have just developed the ICELUX® range of luminaires specifically for the cold store market. Available in a range of wattages up to 120 Watts, these IP65 rated fittings will produce huge energy savings compared to high pressure sodium and metal halide fittings. Additionally, they can be switched on and off at will, even at minus 25ºC.

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