Carrylift, part of the CorpAcq Group walked away winners at this year’s Lancashire Green Awards after being awarded the Green Transport Award 2011, and were also runners up in the Green Business of the Year category.

The Forklift truck and materials handling specialists based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire were awarded the green accolade after demonstrating a comprehensive programme to deliver their services which has a minimum impact on the environment.

Carrylift’s Marketing Manager, Julie Houghton said: “We are delighted to have won this award, the calibre of entries this year was very high so I’m pleased that our hard work over the last 12 months has paid off it’s a great achievement for the company.”

The Carrylift Group is the first and only forklift truck company in the UK to have signed a five-year deal with the UK’s leading conservation charity the Woodland Trust, providing Carbon Removal Trucks and committing to planting 105 acres of carbon-absorbing trees throughout the UK.

So far the company has planted more than 21 acres of new native Woodland as part of their partnership, locking up more than 3401.80 tonnes of co2 emissions in the UK.

Julie added: “All our team have worked extremely hard over the past 12 months to make sure we help reduce our impact on the environment. With help from the Woodland Trust we can now ensure that all Nissan handling equipment supplied by us will have their co2 carbon emissions removed for life, helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.”

The Lancashire Green Awards took place on 10 November at the Villa, Wrea Green in Preston.

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