A leading heating and plumbing engineering company specified Interroll to supply a new dynamic ‘Carton Wheel Flow’ system to store a wide range of components and provide for the fast, efficient and accurate picking of orders.

The warehouse, consisting of a 2-storey mezzanine, was expanded to include a further 8 picking stations as part of a development programme within the company, which equated to an increase of 6,000 items in the fast-moving product section. Therefore a decision was taken to install a Carton Wheel Flow system from Interroll consisting of a two-storey flow racking system with a total of 20 picking stations and associated filling sections.

Unique features of Interroll Carton Wheel Flow

Interroll’s Carton Flow  guarantees significant time-saving in the installation of space-saving flow racking and with wheel tracks fitted with full-width steel axles, this provides strength and contributes to extending the service life of the system. Spacing of the wheels on the track can be varied according to the dimensions and weight of cartons or containers.

With effortless smooth flow on surfaces with minimum inclines, this enables maximum numbers of shelf levels to be installed and these are positioned to provide an ergonomically optimised picking facing.  Interroll Carton Flow can be used in conjunction with conveyors, automatic stacker cranes and to support a “Pick to Light” system.

Picking performance can be increased by up to 65% compared to conventional small parts shelving and can normally provide a return on investment within 2 years

What the customer thinks:

A spokes person for the company reported, “We endeavour to provide profit for our customers as well as our own employees by optimising our picking performance and this has been achieved with the new warehouse incorporating Interroll Carton Wheel Flow.

Interroll has contributed further innovative solutions throughout the warehouse and materials handling system including roller conveyors, RollerDrives, high-speed pop-ups diverters and toothed belt transfers. We are very impressed by the entire concept.”

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