If you are looking for a solution for your logistics, and you need a special truck that exactly fits your requirements, worldwide customers recommend HUBTEX. There are many reasons for this. As a matter of fact, in the last 30 years since its foundation in 1981 Hubtex have built up a great reputation for quality and innovative technical solutions. The position of the company and its engineering know how is unique and unrivalled: No other company in that niche market of special trucks and sideloaders offers such a great variety ranging from 800 kg to 230 tonnes as HUBTEX

HUBTEX Maschinenbau & Co KG stands for precision, reliability and innovation all over the world. Customers appreciate the ruggedness and the modern technology of the HUBTEX equipment. The company focuses on the manufacture of sideloaders for the transport of long, heavy and bulky loads in narrow aisles as well as on special-purpose vehicles and order-picking systems. Innovation and quality is our key to success. Since the company’s foundation in 1981 HUBTEX has set standards with a number of developments and product improvements. The feedback of worldwide customers is incorporated into the development and the design of new vehicles so that different market requirements can be met in the best possible manner. “The customer is our employer“ – this guiding principle results in a constant and above-average motivation. A low turnover of staff is typical of HUBTEX. This way the company preserves valuable knowledge and continues to strengthen for the future benefit of its customers.

Recent innovations by HUBTEX, presented at CeMAT 2011, are 1. a new electric multidirectional Sideloader and 2. new two-way Sideloader. Together with the 4-way Sideloader, order picking systems, platform trucks and many more they offer a great variety of machines for the various industries.

New multidirectional Sideloader:

The new electric multidirectional Sideloader, series 2150, is designed for real outdoor usage. Its prominent feature is a new steering concept, which are available as an option for all HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloaders. Other features are:

• load capacities from 5000 kg to 8000 kg.

• speed up to 16 km/h

• climbing power 8 / 10 per cent

• great comfort in the new DXL und QXL cabins

HUBTEX presented this new steering concept after two years of development. The main task during the development of the new operating concept was to maintain the comfort the drivers were used to and to clearly reduce the changeover time for changing the driving direction. Thus, the well-proven standard steering programs were maintained and a new steering strategy was integrated into the vehicle control. The major advantage of the new steering system is the smooth transition between the driving directions. Steering program changes which complicate the operation and decelerate the processes are no longer necessary. Fixed steering programs require the purposeful changeover between the different steering programs to select the most appropriate steering program for the relevant situation. In case of the new HUBTEX steering, the driver performs the desired movement of the vehicle in a manner which is easy to understand, with steering wheel and joystick. The vehicle follows this movement command immediately and without changeover time. This vehicle behavior allows the driver to safely handle the new steering program after only a short period of familiarization. In summary, the major advantages are the time savings due to the elimination of changeover time and the longer service life of the tyres.

With improved lock angles for tighter turning and faster speed of operation customers around the world are benefiting from the Hubtex approach to innovation.

New two-way Sideloader

The new HUBTEX two-way Sideloader is in its element wherever long loads are to be transported, handled or loaded, for indoor and outdoor application combined or pure outdoor use. The Sideloader is preferably used in external storage areas of the timber, building material and steel industry. The vehicles are available with a diesel or gas engine or with electric drive, and set standards regarding energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and ergonomics due to their innovative drive concept, high running speeds and a new cabin design. Their features are:

• Frame tilt for safe, easy load pick-up and high residual capacities

• Proportional valve technology, infinitely variable and jerk-free operation of all mast functions

• electronically controlled hydrostatic drive offers maximum traction, reduced energy consumption and the possibility of adapting the vehicle settings to the individual requirements of the customer

• Under floor engines and motors ensure minimized noise emission and optimized weight distribution

• High travel speeds up to 20 km/h

Oversized lift mast profiles and cylinders lift and hold the load safely in all ranges. The HUBTEX Sideloader can be perfectly adapted to every individual application due to the wide variety of models comprising double, triple and free lift masts and a vast selection of accessory equipment. The mast reach out is performed by means of two cylinders crossed on top of each other – completely without jerks in the final positions. This preserves the vehicle and the goods. Hubtex have been producing a world class range of four way and multidirectional sideloaders since 1981.

On the other hand Battioni & Pagani or B-P as they are commonly know have been producing 2 way sideloaders since the late 1950’s when the concept of a Sideloader was first explored. In 2011 Hubtex and BP have combined forces to offer the trade and end users a full range of diesel, gas and electric two and four way sideloaders with capacities from 1.5 upto 40 tonnes. Hubtex can now offer BP spare parts for existing models too.

If you have a specialist handling requirement take a look at and and if you don’t see what you are looking for then please ask because chances are there is something in the vast range of specialist trucks Hubtex group can offer.

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