Sales of high speed doors have continued to grow as more and more operators use them to partition warehouses to limit draughts and heat loss. The continued rise in energy costs, is not only contributing to the increased use of high speed doors but also to the development of new, better insulated products.

For warehouses with level access bays, high speed external doors are providing the right balance between ease of access and minimising heat loss. Introduced in 2011, the Hörmann HS 7030 insulated high speed spiral door gives operators the best of both worlds. The 42mm thick insulation, as found in Hörmann’s SPU sectional door and the high speed operation of a curtain door.

The unique design of this new door utilises the insulation to add rigidity and strength. The enhanced stability helps the door operate smoothly at 2.5m/s, ensuring that it will deliver the longevity and cost effectiveness that has established Hörmann as the leader in the industrial door market.

With the increased use of high speed doors, comes the increased risk of collision damage. Safety devices are more and more important to prevent accident and injury. For high speed curtain doors, Hörmann’s unique SoftEdge with anti crash, minimises damage in the event of a collision by simply detaching from the guide rails. Simply opening and closing the door, relocates it back into position.

Preventing a collision in the first place is a better option and to this end Hörmann has a range of leading edge safety devices. However devices that move with the door can also be vulnerable to impact damage and add to the maintenance needs, so Hörmann has developed a solid state, safety device. The light grille is integrated into the door frame and monitors the open door up to a height of 2.5m. If any of the light beams are broken, the door will stop. The integration means that collision damage is highly unlikely and with no moving parts, maintenance demands are significantly reduced.

Reliability, longevity and ease of maintenance are key factors that have contributed to the uptake of fast action doors throughout warehouse operations. Extending the use of these doors further, Hörmann has also developed a door specifically for use on conveyor systems. The UPVC V3009 is designed to operate in conjunction with automated systems, through a very high number of cycles per day. Used in partitioning sections, the conveyor door not only helps with temperature control  but also leads to a reduction of noise and draughts.

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