A major transformation is happening in the way goods are transported across the UK and Europe.

And the change is being led by Palletforce – a new breed of pallet network that is literally carving out a smarter route for businesses who want to use more flexible and greener logistics. “Without doubt we are seeing a fundamental shift in culture as more businesses take a completely fresh approach to how they run their supply chain,” says Palletforce chief executive, Michael Conroy. “Palletforce gives companies an attractive, alternative way to move goods around – allowing them to break from less efficient and often more expensive traditional practices.”

The Palletforce network represents the combined force of about 87 of the country’s best transport companies who, between them, operate almost 100 depots with 5,500 staff. All this expertise is brought together at Palletforce’s £30million central hub, where state-of-the-art technology is used to ensure goods are moved smoothly and efficiently wherever their destination.

This operation gives businesses the flexibility to transport smaller consignments while continuing to harness the economies of scale of a large distribution network. Against dedicated fleets or traditional logistics offerings, this alternative also gives a variable cost base to manage distribution requirements, reduced lead times, reduced stockholding and improvements to cost control. One of the largest benefits of using Palletforce is it can cut a company’s carbon footprint, too. Average usage figures show pallet network trunks run at 82 per cent full – which can be a huge saving against some traditional fleets which run at nearer 50 per cent.

With the current financial squeeze and government targets on reducing carbon emissions, now is the golden opportunity to seize the benefits of using an innovative logistics solution such as Palletforce, and make a change.

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