With new products and worldwide orders flooding in, Bendi is ramping up manufacturing in the UK creating new Jobs in British built product.

Boosted by the launch of a number of new, innovative and groundbreaking models, 2011 is proving to be a momentous year for Bendi, the global market leader for articulated forklift trucks.

So how have Bendi enjoyed unprecedented success during a recession that has seen other forklift companies hit hard? Simon Brown, MD of Bendi explains “many companies view forklift trucks as a necessary evil, however with customers of Bendi it is all about enjoying savings”

“Using a Bendi can save the customer a significant amount of storage space which can free up more production area or huge financial savings can be achieved in many ways – the versatility of a Bendi means less trucks and frees up operators and when using a Bendi in a VNA application there is no requirement for expensive guidance or specialist floors. There are also big savings to be made as a result of the Bendi operating safely and efficiently in aisles of only 1600mm. A reduction in the storage space can lead to smaller building costs and ongoing running costs in terms of rent, rates heating and lighting.”

It is these benefits together with the global dealer expansion program that has necessitated changes in manufacturing to cope with the demand.

Over the past 10 years, Bendi have continued to manufacture in the UK but like all articulated truck providers, were forced to outsource some production in emerging markets due to the rising cost of UK build. Initially the cost benefits were appealing but Bendi realised that having control of UK manufactured product is essential, so with a bulging sales order book and international product costs rising, the decision was taken to bring home production to the UK.

Faced with the challenge of developing the factory at Redditch is Paul Overfield, Bendi joint owner and Director who explained, “We have invested heavily in buildings, machines and most importantly – people to accommodate the new products and to allow for increasing volume in existing lines. The increase in orders both here in the UK and in Export sales has thrown up some challenges but they are nice problems to have. We already had a highly skilled and dedicated workforce in the factory so to create even more skilled UK jobs has been very pleasing for everybody at Bendi”, Especially when considering they are predominantly for Export  – the key to national growth.

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