Two new technological advances have been introduced to Yale IC engine forklift trucks to help fleet managers to reduce fuel costs.

New Load Sensing Hydraulics technology has been introduced on all Yale 2-4.5 tonne Veracitor VX Value and Productivity series products offering the most fuel efficient hydrodynamic truck series currently available.

Yale’s commitment to reducing fuel costs by offering a range of energy efficient yet highly productive forklift trucks has been evident in recent years with the introduction of eLo (energy saving)and HiP (high productivity) settings on electric counterbalance trucks. Now available on 2-4.5 tonne internal combustion engine (ICE) models, the introduction of Load Sensing Hydraulics can result in energy savings up to as much as 15 per cent.

When operating in the ultra-efficient eLo mode, where the truck engine speed is slightly reduced up to an additional 5 per cent of fuel can be saved. The flexibility of the Yale electronically controlled system allows operators to switch off the eLo mode when the truck needs to be operated in high productivity mode. When measured on a productivity test cycle the Yale 2,5T Veracitor VX model moved more loads per hour and used less fuel than any other competitor models tested.

Tom Pickering, Product Strategy Manager ICE trucks, said: “We are confident that these important changes will make a significant contribution to reducing our customers forklift truck fleet ‘Cost of Operation’. We have achieved 15% lower fuel consumption measured against the industry standard VDI 2198-2002 60 load cycle test and can say with confidence that at this time these models are the most fuel efficient and productive hydrodynamic trucks available in the market today.

Added benefits

Enhanced dependability – hydraulic oil operating temperatures are reduced when the truck operates in eLo mode. This not only extends the life and effectiveness of the hydraulic oil, but also protects components and extends the truck’s life expectancy.

Noise reduction and improved driver comfort – Noise pollution is reduced from 79dB(A) to 76dB(A) (EN 12053) by operating in eLo mode.

Radial tyre Option – Available as a standard option at no added cost, radial tyres can be specified. These tyres provide lower rolling resistance and can provide an additional 12% (Why is 15% spelled out, but this one is not?) fuel saving. Radial tyres have in most applications also been proven to last longer resulting in further carbon and operating cost savings.

Optical Fuel Level Sensor

Further savings can be made on LPG-fuelled fleets as a result of Yale’s new, high-tech, fuel level sensing system which could spell the end of workplace downtime due to forklift trucks running out of LPG.

The new Optical Fuel Level Sensor is an option on all of the company’s Veracitor VX LPG trucks and offers a more reliable indication of when an LPG truck is beginning to run out of fuel.

According to Tom Pickering, conventional systems can give as little as 30 seconds warning before trucks grind to a halt. He says: “LPG is normally supplied to the engine in liquid form before it is converted into gas vapour by the fuel system.

“When the LPG tank pressure drops below a certain level, the new sensor – which utilises optical refraction technology – identifies the presence of gas vapour in the fuel lines, a clear indication of low fuel.

“This provides far greater accuracy than the standard pressure sensing system, which sometimes does not give operators enough time to reach a refuelling station or the bottle store.”

The new sensor gives up to 15 minutes warning, which can help improve efficiency and reduce operating costs by providing drivers with the opportunity to work a little longer before stopping to refuel.

Tom continued: “Thanks to the accuracy of the system operators can confidently use more of the reserve LPG before re-fuelling, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

“It also helps to prevent the early replacement of an LPG cylinder reducing the amount of unused fuel normally returned to the vendor,” he added.

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