Welcome to the November 15th Warehouse & Logistics News. At this time of year warehouse and logistics professionals across the UK are under pressure to deliver the goods for Christmas. Keep your cool in the rush – take a few minutes out to relax and refresh yourself by catching up with the latest industry news, features and exclusive interviews in Warehouse & Logistics News.

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In this issue we have exclusive interviews with Axiom GB, the warehouse automation specialists, and DPS (Distribution Planning Software) International, one of the world’s leading suppliers of logistics software solutions.

In our scheduled features we look at Buildings & Facilities, taking in main structures and key equipment including temporary structures, The Loading Bay, including industrial doors, dock levelers and dock lifts, and Power Sources, covering all aspects of motive power in the warehouse and logistics environment.

Sometimes the answer to more efficient working is a specific piece of kit: sometimes it calls for an integrated solution. The first of the companies featured in our interviews in this issue, Axiom GB is renowned for its tailored automated solutions for warehouses and production lines. It has a wealth of experience in delivering successful installations across the UK and Europe including industrial sortation, conveyors and automated storage and retrieval systems.

With headquarters and manufacturing in Tamworth and a new mechanical design centre in Scotland, Axiom is a family-owned business, formed in 1999 by John Nickson and his sons Matthew and Andrew. Axiom supplies bespoke mechanical handling solutions for customers in a spread of industries, based on its wide range of standard equipment. It designs and manufactures its own range of sorters, and is a specialist in this area.

The sole UK manufacturer of sliding shoe sortation systems, which are vitally important in home shopping and e-commerce, Axiom has recently launched a pioneering new machine, the Axiom SS4, offering savings of at least 70% on a cross belt equivalent.

Our second interview is with DPS (Distribution Planning Software) International, a world leading suppliers of logistics software solutions, led by the award-winning LogiX suite, a comprehensive range of products for vehicle routing and scheduling at strategic and tactical level. Supported by its consultancy services, its links to in-cab control and monitoring systems and over three decades of logistics industry experience, DPS is strongly placed to help warehouse and logistics businesses achieve greater operational efficiencies in this crucial area of their operations, and has offices around the world and a network of business partners.

Finally, our exclusive History of The Fork Lift Truck has now reached 1975, the year the Vietnam war ended, the Betamax video recorder was launched and Lancer Boss launched their largest ever fork lift truck, with a 130,000 lb lift capacity.

Happy reading.

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