Every year more than 70 million euro-pallets are manufactured in Europe. The number of pallets fitted with RFID tags, is steadily increasing, in-line with a demand for better operational efficiency.

Hörmann has spent several years developing the technology that allows an RFID reader to be fitted in a secure, protected location underneath the dock leveller. The challenge has been to develop a steel leveller that allows the radio signal to pass through, without compromising the high levels of stability or longevity Hörmann are renowned for.

By making the distance between the transponder and the reader as short as possible, it allows for  more reliable data transfer. Additionally, the link to the data network can be cabled for a more robust system.

This system is a cost effective alternative to lift truck based systems. There is no need to equip an entire fleet of lift and pallet trucks or to limit the unloading of vehicles to specific equipment. Additionally the fixed location with no risk of impact or collision damage, improves the long term operational capability of the Hörmann solution.

While the hardware is now available from Hörmann, installation needs to be on a project basis, in co-operation with experienced IT logistics experts.

The Hörmann Group is an internationally-oriented, fast-growing company in the construction supplier industry. Doors, hinged doors, frames and operators are manufactured for the markets in Europe, North America and Asia at 16 highly-specialised factories.

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