DSV Road Ltd has invested in technology that will enable the global transport and logistics operator to reduce fuel consumption, extend equipment life and cut carbon emissions.

A long-term customer of Navman Wireless, DSV has expanded vehicle tracking across its fleet of 250 HGV’s. The technology has been enhanced with Navman Wireless’ CANbus Engine Management System, which will enable DSV to identify over-revving, excessive acceleration, harsh breaking and other key indicators of less than optimal driver performance.

The Operator is in the process of updating their telematics and has made a significant commitment to driver-performance monitoring technology. The decision followed a comprehensive trial of CANbus EMS, during which DSV was impressed with the market leading accuracy, scope, usability and value of the data collected.

Navman Wireless’ in-cab messaging system, the MDT-860, will enable full two-way communication and report real-time performance statistics to the driver via the heads-up display. This ‘trainer in the cab’ can help drivers continuously self-evaluate their performance and deliver significant savings.

Dave Smith, Immingham Traffic Manager for DSV Road Ltd, said: “We have been delighted with the savings and efficiencies achieved with vehicle tracking over the last decade, which is why we’ve chosen to explore the benefits of CANbus technology with our longstanding supplier. The data collected will prove extremely valuable as part of our continuing commitment to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.” This data will be used in conjunction with DSV’s in – house Fuel Efficient Driving Course which has been introduced as part of the Drivers CPC.

Steve Blackburn, European Vice President, Navman Wireless, said: “We are proud to offer DSV new ways to drive savings. The operator’s in-depth testing has again proven the ability of CANbus EMS to generate reliable and valuable data.”

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