DPS welcome customer Vogue Beds who have chosen our Hosted SaaS Vehicle Routing and Scheduling software to manage their deliveries throughout the UK.

After twenty years in the business, Vogue Beds Group (VB Group) knows what it takes to create the perfect night’s sleep. Boasting design and technical expertise in the bed industry, VB Group offers an extensive range of contract beds and mattresses which combine the best in comfort, durability and quality to suit your needs and requirements. Vogue Beds are very proud to introduce their latest range of wholesale beds for hotels which are also ideal for use as student beds and healthcare beds.

Vogue are a privately owned, independent business centrally located in Barwell, Leicestershire. Their finely tuned manufacturing process allows them to meet most of today’s “just in time” needs, although standard delivery is a maximum of two weeks


Mark Jennings, stated; “Traditionally we had always done our routing manually, taking most of the day it tied up one of our staff purely routing.  It also caused problems with continuity cover due to sickness and holiday.

We don’t manufacture for stock, only for confirmed orders thus the routing is the primary task in the manufacturing process, any time saved here is passed onto more efficiencies on the shop floor.

We took the decision to “simplify” the process such that as much as possible of the routing was carried out by the logix software allowing us to diversify the routing function across several people easily and speeding up significantly the routing process thus greatly improving our overall manufacturing processes.”

Our Experience so far:

Mark Jennings, stated; “We have been using the service for over two years now. It was not an easy transition due mainly to the reticence of those it affected, however once they came to understand that it was not a threat and actually greatly aided them in their work the benefits began to flow.

There is no longer reliance on one member of staff for the routing function and has shortened by approximately 25% the lead time in manufacturing thus allowing us to serve our customers even more promptly.

The reporting functions allow us to “hot cost” each route as it is scheduled thus allowing us to minimise the cost of each route proposed. We couldn’t do without it now.”

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