Minster Logistics has enjoyed lengthy success and led the way in logistics software, but times they are a changing – and they are changing fast.

The company has over 30 years experience in bespoke software for the logistics sector. To retain a lead on the market it has now adapted its application for deployment using Cloud architecture. This method of hosting offers all the advantages of a traditional SaaS (Software as a Service), sometimes referred to as on-demand software, whilst also delivering the flexibility expected from a traditional software house.

Cloud technology allows customers freedom from the initial high costs of both software and hardware whilst providing further benefits for businesses that apply unique processes or frequently changing procedures.

WMS systems are primarily used by non office-based personnel who interact with the application via mobile and voice-control devices. The speed and response of these interfaces are paramount for warehouse tasks. Therefore it is imperative connectivity is robust and uninterrupted in order that functionality is retained.

Minster’s cloud offering includes sales order processing,  and procurement management and voice-directed receiving and picking features already used by Wincanton, Marks & Spencer, Bidvest Logistics and many others. It is also one of only a few of suppliers in the world offering door-to-door voice technology with its WMS application. The feature-rich application is unique in marketplace and helps customers have tighter control of stock and ensure products are delivered on time. This functionality, together with many other benefits, is available with their latest innovation.

Neil Livingstone, Development Manager with Minster Logistics who has pioneered this breakthrough technology explains: “Once licenses are purchased, the software has only to be fine-tuned to the customer’s specific needs. This can be completed in a few days, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

“The application has been developed with the SME warehouse market in mind, though it would be a perfect fit for any size operation. As the customer’s business grows, they will be able to use already built-in features perhaps not required at the start. The application will evolve as they do making it a cost-effective solution in every sense as you only pay for the number of licenses and modules required.”

To find out more about Minster Logistics and its WMS Cloud applications

Tel: 01827 55334

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