Pregis Protective Packaging Europe is launching a mailer that offers valuable sustainability benefits while still delivering excellent protection across a wide range of shipping, transport and storage applications.

The new Air-Kraft® Renew™ is a unique kraft paper/bubbled lined mailer that is manufactured with recycled materials, containing at least 40% and up to 100% recycled resin content within the air cushion liner, along with a 100% recycled content paper exterior.

The mailer has been designed to incorporate the highest levels of recycled content without compromising product quality, offering effective cushioning for a variety of end markets including gifts, computers, mobile communications, electronics, healthcare and retail goods.

The recycled resin content for the air cushion liner is derived from the post-industrial scrap of Pregis’s own manufacturing processes, which was previously diverted to landfill.  Incorporating this into the liner lessens the reliance on virgin raw materials and discarded waste; this both saves natural resources and also offers an important cost effectiveness and consistency over mailers made from 100% virgin material since the price is less dependent on volatilities in commodities pricing.

In addition, the lightweight pack uses less fuel for transport, which helps to reduce carbon emissions. Its interior liner is manufactured in low density polyethylene (LDPE) and is fully recyclable; it can be easily separated from the paper exterior for recycling or the pack can be used to produce energy during incineration with no emission of harmful gases. The mailer complies with all relevant European guidelines concerning packaging and packaging waste.

The Air-Kraft® Renew™ offers all the traditional advantages of mailers – it is lightweight, clean and economical and offers excellent strength, durability and ease of use. The packs take up less space than corrugated cartons and are easy to stack, pack and close.

The new mailer is part of Pregis’s stated commitment to continued environmental responsibility, developing a range of products that meet the need for sustainable packaging alternatives.  Successes to date have included the Pregis Superlite Poly Mailer, and AirSpeed® EP-Flex™ Renew™ and HC™ Renew™ biodegradable films.

“We have listened to both our customers and end-users and understand that many of them have environmental concerns; at the same time, they are also seeking protective packaging solutions that are fit for purpose,” explains Josephine Fish, Marketing, Pregis Protective Packaging Europe.

“Our Air-Kraft® Renew™ effectively meets these requirements, delivering a pack made from renewed materials with no loss of performance that also offers valuable cost savings.”

Pregis NV

Josephine Fish, Marketing

Tel: 012243305768


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