Tractive Power Ltd based in Leek, Staffordshire has exported several of their machines worldwide including countries such as Australia, Ireland and Belgium.

Tractive Power specialise in the design and manufacture of pedestrian operated materials handling equipment. Their product range is designed to address health and safety issues and increase productivity by ensuring a single user can move heavy or awkward loads efficiently.

Recently Tractive Power has increased its customer base to as far afield as Australia and has shipped over a number of its tractive units the TP250 machine over there with more to follow.

Their tractive unit is a battery powered piece of pedestrian handling equipment to move wheeled or semi-wheeled loads. Used in all industries the tractive unit can address manual handling issues such as pulling, pushing and manoeuvring awkward or heavy loads in the workplace and to address health and safety issues for the workforce.

Sitecraft which is a materials handling equipment company based in Victoria Australia has become one of Tractive Power’s distributers.

The Director at Sitecraft commented “Sitecraft has offered the Tractive Power range of tugs to its clients as a premium quality option that provides the best powered towing or pushing solution for medium to heavy applications. The tugs have proven able to perform towing and pushing tasks in a variety of applications in an effortless and safe manner.”

Sitecraft contacted Tractive Power to see if they could do business with them as they felt there was a need for their machines over there.

Tractive Power Ltd has been experiencing an increase in demand for its TP250 and TP500 machines and the demand is not just coming from companies inside the UK but from all over the world.

To help meet with this demand from other parts of the world Tractive Power has appointed distributors in Turkey, Switzerland and Ireland as well as in Austrailia.

Brendan Ratcliffe, Commercial Director of Tractive Power, commented “It is great that we are finally exporting to other parts of the world and helping to shift the balance that Britain “only ever” imports.  We are also supporting the UK government’s goal for rebalancing the economy by exporting.  It is proving that UK manufacturing can compete globally and succeed.”

Tractive Power Ltd

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Marketing and Sales Coordinator

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