Freetricity – a new “green” business venture led by businessman Paul Williams and entrepreneur and environmentalist Ben Way, who have both appeared on Channel 4’s “Secret Millionaire” – is offering large property owners across England and Wales the chance to go green for free.

CEO of Freetricity, Paul Williams said: “Freetricity are able to offer solar panels to warehouses, industrial units and large office buildings on a first-come first-served basis and interested organisations can sign up at . Those that sign up to the deal will then benefit from free electricity without the worry of making a large capital investment.

 “We are able to offer interested owner occupiers across England and Wales, grants of up to £120,000 until the funding is exhausted.  The scheme is proving extremely popular and we are keen to ensure as many businesses as possible benefit.”

 The two entrepreneurs behind Freetricity, have both appeared on Channel 4’s “Secret Millionaire” programme where they first met and became friends.  Ben featured on the very first Secret Millionaire programme and Paul and his son Ben on the second.  It has been one of the most successful series on Channel 4 and is now in its fifth series.

Both Paul and Ben are passionate about the environment.  Paul previously published a number of environmental magazines including Environment Now, World Magazine and The Geographical Magazine and Ben runs a number of his own companies and invests in new start up businesses, a number of which have green credentials.  The two decided when they first met, to launch a positive, environmentally friendly business together.  After four years and looking at all sorts of possibilities, the result was Freetricity.

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