The RX70 provides an excellent view from all sides. In a visibility test conducted, according to the procedures established by the general German motorists club (ADAC), the RX70 passed as the best truck in its class. The front screen is lowered far down and the favourable arrangement of the controls and the displays allow a free view of the forks and the road. Narrow supports and large roof windows with safety glass ensure free view of the lifted load and the top levels of the racking. A steeply curved counter weight with low installations allows a good view to the rear.

Efficient drive

The low energy consumption is the result of several developments:

The diesel-electric drive with hybrid technology components; this future oriented drive system consists of an internal combustion engine, driving the generator, a control unit and an electric motor. The power is transmitted without contact by magnetic force reducing the fuel and service costs.

The characteristics of the VW engine and the two circuit hydraulic pumps reduce the consumption just as well as the intelligent drive management. The RX70 lowers the speed of the internal combustion engine to the most economic level anticipating the upcoming driving situation – this is similar to driving in sixth gear in a passenger car. It is even more eco-friendly and more silent.

For tough operation in narrow spaces

The RX70-16/18/20 are also the most compact trucks in their class. They are agile and highly suitable, especially for demanding intralogistic tasks in narrow spaces and tough outdoor and indoor operation. For example, when loading or unloading lorries.

The RX70 can be individually adapted to the requirements of different industries, be it construction retail, forwarders or warehouses, the new trucks feel at home in any environment no matter if the conditions are cold, humid, dirty or dusty.

They are always available when needed. This is achieved by capsulated drive components, a maintenance-free lamella type brake running in oil, a hydraulic engine fan and a large radiator.

Individual and user friendly

The driver space of the RX70 is user friendly and spacious; the cabin is individually suspended and the dampened seat can be individually adjusted to the weight of the driver. The positioning of the steering wheel slightly off centre to the left facilitates the steering movements.

The RX70 is also designed in modules so that nearly all application requirements can be fulfilled on a common basis. Not only different engine types and load capacities are available but also different masts with different closed mast heights, cabin equipments and electric fittings can be ordered.

In summary the primary features of the STILL RX70 are as follows:

• Up to five completely different programmable drive setting options (Standard).

• Acceleration, deceleration, plugging and top speeds forwards and backwards independently adjustable to the application and the conditions (Standard).

• Independently operated multi-disc, oil immersed foot and parking brakes (Standard).

• SPS (System of Passive Stability). The design and fixture of the rear steer axle ensures unrivalled stability (Standard).

• Automatic electromechanical parking brake (Optional).

• When fitted, brake lights automatically illuminate when truck is decelerating, not just when braking (Optional).

• Engine switches off shortly after (adjustable) the operator leaves his seat (Optional).

• Automatic fork levelling on tilt function (Optional).

• Automatic weight measurement on lift function (Optional).

• Lowest fuel (Diesel or LPGas) consumption and exhaust emissions due to lean burn engines, low engine revs and super-efficient Hybrid drive train (Standard).

• Soot filters on Diesel and catalytic convertors on LPGas trucks further reduce emissions (Optional).


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