Silent Danger – Avoiding the Accidents Waiting to Happen

The vast majority of the gains in fork lift truck safety can be attributed to improvements in equipment, policies, systems, and training. However, these formal tools often fail to address the informal, cultural or behavioural challenges that exist in organisations today.  

Working in partnership with the FLTA, Grahame Robb Associates conducted a survey with FLTA member companies, including site visits and an online survey. The aim was to identify those common fork lift truck threats that could be easily solved and yet persist due to cultural norms and social pressures, as people are either unwilling or unable to speak up when they see something unsafe.

This session will report the results of the ‘Silent Danger’ FLTA survey for the first time. It will describe the frequency and impact of the five ‘Crucial Conversations’ that drive workplace safety. The session will then talk through the steps that individuals and organisations can take to break this culture of silence, and get people at all levels to speak up about these accidents waiting to happen.

Improvement in FLT safety cannot be secured without a deep change in people’s ability and willingness to step up to and hold the necessary Crucial Conversations. It is this change in behaviour we are confident will leave organisations twice blessed – with a safer and more productive workplace.

Over the past few months, The FLTA has been working with the Grahame Robb Associates on a groundbreaking project dedicated to the human aspect of fork lift truck safety. This leads to a broader view of training, with application throughout the workforce.

Richard Pound (pictured) will guide delegates through the steps which can be taken to break a culture of silence and encourage people, at all levels, to speak up about accidents waiting to happen.

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  1. I have come across the website today and am interested to read there are a number of articles on Health & Safety. As a company we work with logistics companies producing materials to complement their current H&S programmes in order for them to portray H&S internally through subliminal messages. We are amazed at how many organisations we contact who appear to simply not be interested. Please keep up the good work in posting these important updates

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