Meeting the needs of customers has always driven new product development from Hörmann. With the rapid increases in energy costs, options that help to minimise energy losses are now high on the agenda for all warehouse operators. The number one priority remains safety, so as more and more fast action doors are being chosen to minimise heat losses, Hörmann now supplies fast action doors with an integrated Light Grille non-contact safety device.

For level access bays, the proven energy saving capability of Hörmann’s high speed spiral door has been taken a step further with the introduction of the insulated HS7030 model. This is the first door to include the Light Grille as standard. Here the sensor monitors the door opening up to a height of 2.5 metres and prevents the door closing if there is an obstruction.  With the light grille built in there is no need for moving or battery powered safety devices, making maintenance easier and collision damage less likely.

These added benefits of the Light Grille are also included with curtain doors that feature the patented SoftEdge.  SoftEdge is highly flexible in the vertical plane minimising impact risks, while its strength in the horizontal plane gives the rigidity for smooth trouble free operation over many thousands of cycles. This rigidity also means that the door will, by design, detach from the guides in the event of impact from a lift truck. In this circumstance the door remains undamaged, the mechanism automatically stops and after impact simply closing the door relocates it into the guides.

Taking integration a step further the new Hörmann Dock Control is a comprehensive safety control system for loading bays. The system links the loading door and dock leveller controls to proximity sensors and warning traffic light systems.  With all the components manufactured by Hörmann they are designed to integrate seamlessly.

Integration and innovation are key elements that have helped Hörmann become the market leaders. However it is the commitment to working with operators and developers from design, through to installation that has made Hörmann a true one stop shop for loading bay requirements, while developing real world solutions that meet operational and budgetary needs.

Whatever your needs, Hörmann has the knowledge, expertise and commitment to deliver.

The Hörmann Group is an internationally-oriented, fast-growing company in the construction supplier industry. Doors, hinged doors, frames and operators are manufactured for the markets in Europe, North America and Asia at 16 highly-specialised factories.



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