David Ellison, Chief Executive of the FLTA (pictured), will provide a short presentation on the entries in the Safety Category for the 2011 FLTA Awards for Excellence. These are safety solutions.

Solutions from Crown, JCB and Mitsubishi are described in more detail below. The other safety products are:

• Cooper SH Ltd – NearGuard pedestrian alert system.

• Doosan Infracore UK Ltd – LEDH20MP pedestrian pallet truck with speed reduction.

• Easylift Loading Systems Ltd – Anti-drive-off dock bay management system.

• Flexco Industries Inc – FLEX- 1500 load measuring device.

• STILL Materials Handling Ltd – EXU-SF20 combi-tiller.

• Westley Plastics Ltd – Fork lift truck block system.

Crown Lift Trucks Ltd

WT3000 Entry Bar Safety Switch

The WT 3000 Entry Bar Safety Switch on fixed platform pallet trucks deactivates travel should the operator place a foot outside the truck. This system encourages safer operation of the truck, thereby limiting the opportunity for accidents. The design of this system can be found on several other Crown models, but this is the first time such a system has been fitted to a powered pallet truck.

JCB Industrial

Adaptive Load Control

JCB is fitting a longitudinal load movement control to its Teletruk range. This is in addition to the normal Load Moment Sensor. It is designed to limit ‘boom extend, boom lower’ functions to system pre-sets when the operator is working within load chart parameters. The system on the Teletruk takes over as limits approach. If the operator continues to extend or lower beyond parameters, hydraulic flow to those functions will stop well within a safe zone. This ensures the operator must retract or lift within the lift envelope as stated on the load chart.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks UK

GRENDIA counterbalance – hi-vis roof

Fork lift safety means not only protecting people from accidents but avoiding these accidents in the first place. An overhead guard roof designed for protection from falling objects hinders safety if it reduces the operator’s accuracy by obscuring visibility of the raised forks, load and surrounding structures. Uniquely, the Mitsubishi hi-vis roof has no bars to spoil the view. Also unique is its combination of tough polycarbonate with a special coating that resists the scratching, weathering and deterioration with age that affects Perspex roofs.

The result is total and lasting transparency, shielding against objects large and small.

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