The Health and Safety Executive will once again take prime position at the Safety Conference, with two respected speakers from the government’s safety-focused organisation delivering three sessions between them.

Over the past year or so, the HSE has been reviewing the whole issue of fork lift truck training, including the content of L117 and HSG6 and underlying policies.

This review has happened amidst concerns that too many employees are driving fork lift trucks without appropriate operator training and lingering confusion about the role and organisation of Accrediting Bodies. This ongoing review will form the basis of the HSE sessions at the Conference.

As an introduction to the Conference, the HSE will bring delegates up to date with the training scene. HSE board member John Spanswick CBE (pictured) will deliver a speech outlining the importance of training in all workplaces, and the perils of ignoring it.

Peter Lennon, HSE Head of Workplace Transport, will then take the podium to discuss the findings of their investigations so far and explain how the training of fork lift truck operators may develop in the future. This presentation will confirm the HSE policies on fork lift truck training.

Following this, Mr. Lennon will take time to clarify the position of Accrediting Bodies and how the HSE sees their role developing in the future.

As the regulatory body charged with creating and enforcing legislation around the use of fork lift trucks, the HSE sessions will be truly unmissable for any company hoping to stay on top of their fork lift truck training.

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