Combines remotely supported warehouse management software rental with on-site server in one monthly payment.

Avoids remotely-hosted Internet connection and security issues.

Warehouse performance management market leader DeltaWMS is launching a new, ‘hybrid-hosted’ solution for small and medium enterprises in which they rent remotely supported warehouse management software but running on a locally-supported server that sits on the user’s own premises. The hybrid-hosted solution is funded with all-inclusive monthly payments. “This solution offers all the low-outlay cost benefits of rental while avoiding the Internet connection downtime and data security issues often associated with remote-only warehouse management solutions such as SaaS”, says DeltaWMS operations director Lance Bennett.

“We hold the view that remotely hosted, SaaS-type models should not be used in business critical supply chain, transaction processing environments, as they are simply not a viable option for core supply chain performance and processes” Lance Bennett adds. “We feel the risks are too high and too numerous. Remote hosting denies users the flexibility and speed of response that are vital to ensure an agile supply chain, especially for 3PL where the ability to adapt to customer demands is essential. Firewall and other security problems arise with any complex application that spans the Internet. Data security is an issue and your business is at the mercy of your Internet connection. Who can afford to be down for a day?”

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Wakefield, Yorkshire, Delta Software is the UK’s fastest-growing supplier of interactive warehouse management systems and a just-in-time technology innovator. The company’s ‘DeltaWMS’ flagship single- and multi-site systems are open-database, feature a unique, user friendly interactive warehouse management ‘graphical map’ and can be quickly and easily integrated into any ERP enterprise or smaller business environment.

Delta Software

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