At Shell, we recognise the vital function forklift trucks provide in contributing to results driven businesses. Therefore choosing the right fuel for your truck can be one of the most important decisions you make; and more and more people are learning of the advantages of LPG.

LPG is a cleaner-burning fuel, which is versatile, efficient and safe.  Unlike its counterpart’s, electricity and diesel, LPG forklift trucks are suitable for use inside and out, moving easily and efficiently between two environments. They can handle rugged, unpaved terrain and steep gradients with heavy loads at full capacity – a vital benefit to a business whose margins depend on getting the most out of the working day.

Due to its cleaner-burning nature, LPG as a fuel emits fewer harmful greenhouse gases and pollutants such as un-burnt fuel. This is also a critical factor where the quality of goods is of utmost importance or in industries governed by strict hygiene laws, such as food and pharmaceuticals. In increasingly environmentally focused industries, this can help contribute to reducing a company’s carbon footprint without compromising on performance. Together with less vibrations and reduced noise pollution, this creates a better working environment for forklift operators.

In the current economic climate many businesses are looking to streamline and increase efficiency with forklift operations. LPG removes the unnecessary downtime seen with recharging electric vehicles, with potentially only taking five minutes to refuel; ideal for 24 hour continuous operations. Additionally, with reduced maintenance compared to diesel-fuelled vehicles LPG can be a cost-effective alternative.

As one of the leading suppliers of LPG, Shell use global expertise to offer tailored local solutions. “No worries, no hassle – our approach”, explains Andrew Mann, Marketing Manager from Shell. “Our technical support team are dedicated to designing the right filling station for your purpose.” With installations complying fully with local health and safety standards, they also meet Shell’s international standards, which are generally higher than local standards.

Proactive in all areas of customer support, Shell builds close working relationships with clients, recognising that as needs evolve, they’re on hand to match demands.  Buying LPG from Shell also brings the benefits of dedicated account managers that are able to provide technical assistance and training as well as the opportunity to source LPG direct from one of the UK’s largest LPG providers.

Shell Gas (LPG)

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